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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, May 17th, 2024

Talking the other day to a founder of a billion-dollar company. Had a 30-minute meeting about many things but was surprised to find out that he has exactly zero investments outside his company. All his money was in his company or in cash. Every bit of his money was invested in himself. No seed investments. No Series A. Just heads down and reinvesting. Taking a little at a time as he needs it. My Dad always used to say it. Every time I told him about my investments he would say “There’s no return better than investing in yourself” He’s not wrong. I gave up a ton of returns by investing back in the business. I have a lot in retained earnings but in 30 years never took a lump sum out if we had a good year. Always left it to reinvest in things that could make us more money. I loved hearing that this person did the same thing but with a few more zeros.

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Domain of the Day: One of the best expiry Dyna has had in a while

Quote of the Day: “There will come a point when no job is needed – you can have a job if you want for personal satisfaction, but the AI will be able to do everything.” -Elon Musk

Dynadot Aftermarket Domains Caught some solid bids. Stuck at $740 Note is a pretty cool name for a VC firm Decent name for team branded digital goods 2900 backlinks Way undervalued IMO. Bridging sites in crypto are huge This tool name fits well on dot io Love this one too. And cheap Not a word I use or approve but I know my audience

Namejet Names at Auction (All No Reserve) As seen on Sherpa. I loved it. Great call to action for security (or birth control) This I didn’t like Sounds like Sores Open vessel for driving-related company or products Great letters. Little League 24 bidders I would order a pizza here. To be fair I would order one anywhere I think it makes a pretty good pet brand. Another one I loved on Sherpa Closes today. Under a dozen bidders Only 7 bidders. Brand makes it sounds like fast acting Nice 5L closes today Make me think of Cranium or brain

Sedo and Catched Names at Auction

Their auction of LLL domains just started. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many LLL.nets for sale in one place in over a decade I think it sells at this reserve because the Q is the first slot To sell this better be near the low end of the reserve Same This one has a chance of selling as well. Two Ys are tough but maybe brand as Ree or Rye And of all the I think this will end up as the highest price People still use proxy servers all the time to cover their tracks. 5 bids This is going to do very very well Another one with a great keyword and a relatively unknown tld One more This is a business now. Dot management is meh but maybe have the dot com and this one Authority. 5 bids Great use of the .tips tld A little like BrandBucket. Ok a lot like BrandBucket Has to be on the low end of that reserve

Godaddy Names with Bids

Ran an experiment today. I used ChatGPT4o to pick the names out. Ran the whole list at Godaddy and asked them the reason and what the name meant to them. Here are the results . I won’t be doing this every day but interesting to see. Not too bad. 4 or 5 I wouldn’t have picked.

  • Reason: Clear and professional, easy to remember.
  • Meaning: Ideal for an educational platform offering accounting courses.

  • Reason: Unique and suggests innovation.
  • Meaning: Likely related to advanced materials and technology.

  • Reason: Direct and relevant for SEO services.
  • Meaning: Indicates a business providing backlinking services for websites.

  • Reason: Catchy and relatable.
  • Meaning: Could be used for a lifestyle blog or consumer advice site.

  • Reason: Nostalgic and specific.
  • Meaning: Perfect for a business related to vintage typewriters or a cultural project.

  • Reason: Straightforward and educational.
  • Meaning: Ideal for a site offering coding and programming courses.

  • Reason: Descriptive and appealing to travelers.
  • Meaning: A platform offering deals on cruise vacations.

  • Reason: Modern and engaging.
  • Meaning: Suitable for a site dedicated to in-depth gaming content or a gaming community.

  • Reason: Broad and versatile.
  • Meaning: Could be a general information site or a resource hub.

  • Reason: Memorable and evokes sustainability.
  • Meaning: Likely related to eco-friendly products or services.

  • Reason: Provocative and intriguing.
  • Meaning: Could be used for a blog or project discussing human mistakes and learning.

  • Reason: Specific and location-based.
  • Meaning: A job portal focused on opportunities in Florida.

  • Reason: Passionate and community-driven.
  • Meaning: Ideal for a community or fan club dedicated to Ford vehicles.

  • Reason: Strong and adventurous.
  • Meaning: Suitable for a company specializing in outdoor and athletic gear.

  • Reason: Secure and trustworthy.
  • Meaning: Could be used for a site providing safety tips or secure locations.

  • Reason: Direct and valuable.
  • Meaning: A platform for buying and selling silver.

  • Reason: Professional and niche-specific.
  • Meaning: Ideal for a sports nutritionist or a related service.

  • Reason: Informative and cultural.
  • Meaning: A comprehensive database of theater-related information.

  • Reason: Modern and relevant.
  • Meaning: Suitable for a site offering tips on cryptocurrency tokens.

  • Reason: Informative and authoritative.
  • Meaning: Likely related to a database or information resource similar to Wikipedia.

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer Be careful. Big renewal here

The Rest of the Domains with Bids

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