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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, September 15th, 2023

One of the things I’ve found from people that only work from a computer and in today’s world, remotely, is it is making it easier to avoid or deal with conflict. In general, less conflict is good, but life and business become more manageable if you know how to deal with it, not just avoid it.

While I don’t feel people should seek conflict, nor is it anyone’s job to point out wrongdoings, there will be times when you have to make others upset because you are going to oppose their actions or ideas. Especially if you get higher up in a leadership role in your company or life. You have to make choices that will hurt people in order to benefit the greater good. I don’t feel it takes someone that is hard. It takes someone who understands why decisions have to be made and why you are making them. It also takes a person who knows how to inflict the least amount of damage to come to a resolution. Respect of each other goes a long way towards making it easier as well. It’s not a role for everyone. It doesn’t make them weak or lesser people, it just makes them followers or managers, not leaders.

Leaders don’t fear the personal repercussions of their actions. Leaders know that doing hard things and making hard choices often come with backlash and personal attacks. Themselves, their personal space, and often their family will suffer. As a result the craziest of people and the people that are the most aggressive, often get away with more than they should because they put fear into those that oppose. Nobody wants their work, or their actions to draw heavily on their own mental health. Yet someone often has to do it.

I say this because as the owner of the company I was the one that always did these things. I was the bad guy in many cases because I had to do things for the sake of the overall health of the company. Those who are in charge now realize how difficult it is to move from coworker, to manager, company leader. They now understand that leadership roles goes way beyond the physical actions that everyone sees. There is the mental burden of keeping a ship moving forward.

When I was younger I got in fights with people much bigger than me and made the next few days at school much more difficult. I refused to let the big guy pick on the smaller guy for no other reason but to show the school he was the king of the school. I wasn’t looking to stop bullies but I had a limit to letting them affect my day. A bully at school got a wooden swing in the face from me because I couldn’t take any more days after school with this kid picking on everyone. He was really hurting some kids and a lot of kids were going to get thrown around or puched if someone didn’t let him know there were repercussions. Someone had to stop it and I felt like I had been hit and knocked around in soccer so much that as long as I didn’t let him get on top of me I would be fine. Once I attacked the other kids stood around and let him know that we were willing to put 10 of the smaller kids together to stand up to his one. In hindsight I know that hurt people hurt and he probably had a rough home life but after getting pushed hard into a wall a few times you forget about the background.

I am not saying violence is the answer but I am saying aggressive can be. You have to match the energy of the situation, the opponent. People take advantage of situations where they know that stopping their actions requires pain. Mental or physical. They thrive on uncomfortable knowing in general, people don’t like to get in those situations. People will let slightly uncomfortable linger for years so they don’t have to get really uncomfortable. Leaders lead to positivity and productivity through the high weeds of hard choices. I admire men and women that are able to do that. Those who feel they have protected their families and lifestyle by not shaking the stick, will never protect them as well as a leader will. Leaders protect more than family. More than friends. A common person protects their friends and family and puts them first. A leader protects everyone who needs to be protected. Knows that good conversation solves most conflicts and aggressiveness is the last result. Has that confidence, intelligence, and respect that gives everyone the best chance to lead through good times and bad.

What inspired this is that I rarely meet someone that I want to stand behind. I ususally stand besides or lead. But every once in a while I meet a person whose leadership, intelligence, and personality are so strong that I want to follow. I met someone like that recently and was so impressed. All I could say “that’s a f’n leader” and sat down and thought about what that meant to me. The jibber jabber above is that answer that poured out of my head 😀

Domain of the Day: I think this one hits 5 figures by the end of the day

Quote of the Day: “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right” -Warren Bennis

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Most bids on the Namejet board today. Pronounceable and great letters “Stadium” in Italian. Looks like its going to hit 5 figures Sound more personal than a large company but with no reserve it may be affordable for a one man show They are the ones that need help and have disposable income The dot org makes it seem more heritagy These dot es are being bought up on keyword value alone Makes $2 a month in parking so 15 month payback at current price 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever put dot mobi on here but this keyword goes with mobile pretty well Not sure it has resale value but I do like this as a company name. I would name my company this 3L us for $25 seems fair This one caught some bids right out of the gate 360 is universal, regardless of tld SEO name all the way

Domains of the Day

(Get your Domains Here for as little as $7 a Day) Good name for recycling, waste management, or even time managment It’s delicious. You should try it

Godaddy Names with Bids Of course I like this one but the real money is in a buildout I assume there’s a little lead gen in this thing Another build out name but in a very competitive market Every results is for Comp Master Clutch Going to call this a pronounceable Jolt energy drink is one dot energy and the energy company uses the hyphen Could be used for anything. Exudes nothing 😄 Has the most bids on the Godaddy board. Not the best name, just somebody who wants it and keeps bidding Cloud is the money part of this one Bespoke growing of plants or cannabis Village makes it feel small and personal I would eat there Crypto people will know this has some value Phame and Phortune Great keywords with a dot net discount

Snowfall.CO The first time I’ve thought of dot co being perfect for Colorado Made to order something It is and why I hate laser printers . Pay more for the cartridge than for the printer I’d buy my weed here

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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