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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Was great to see so many of you at the ICA conference. The team did such a great job organizing the events. Contrary to DomainFest it wasn’t speakers made up of people in the industry. It was roundtables and independent meetings. If you’re not gong to bring in someone who provides entertainment or a speaker who provides new information and stories there is no reason to have one. If you aren’t paying for a speaker you are getting what you pay for.

Like all Vegas trips, I pushed it to the max. Not in drinking but in lack of sleep. The best conversations and information is shared after dinner and sometimes it’s so good that it goes until the wee hours of the morning. It did. But then you have breakfast plans or meetings that start at 8. 8 is an easy up in real life. I’ve been up for hours. Get to bed at 3 am and it hurts. Add 4 days of that in a row and you age a little. It’s worth it and I took to right to the cliff (I think) but the people I got to talk to and the chance to see old friends as well as the chance to make new ones, is well worth the sniffles or exhaustion that follows.

Todd, Kate and I had the official launch of and everyone was so kind about wishing congratulations. Made me really feel part of the domain investing community. I’m getting close to making it in domaining 😀. Speaking of making it. Lets make some money today with a few good name buys

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Domain of the Day:

Quote of the Day: “Las Vegas: all the amenities of modern society in a habitat unfit to grow a tomato.” – Jason Love

Dynadot Aftermarket Domains Advertising business in some form or another Love the look of this name. A few bidders agree Pushing it on the dot io but there are bidders The kind of names that sell on dot xyz With one bidder and under $10, this is a good value for scuba dive Good enough to be on any tld Worth a flyer at $20 IMO

Namejet Names at Auction 2nd most bids on the Godaddy board today Great name for a financial management company A combine is the cost of a house. I skidsteer is $80K. I want to be in this business Billion dollar category and you get to own it Decent name for tax software although it does make it sound like you are the one doing the taxing Love the letters Good name for someone in our industry Sounds like a VC firm Keyword is fantastic or outstanding if you will Tribe member or truckstop I’d watch this movie Reminds me of Energizer but could be used for many things

Sedo and Catched Names at Auction Most bids on the board today. I assume GD stands for Gosh Darn Tiny adds up Taken in over 300 extensions Taken in 304 extensions. Has a few bids As I said earlier if you buy alts they need to be taken in 250 plus extensions Nice CVCV May not be able to afford one but you can afford this…I assume Special K seems to be the new fentanyl I knew it would do well but never thought it would cross $10K This one is almost at 10K as well and I didn’t even have it on my list of favorirtes OK now I know I know nothing about 4L.coms anymore. Also over $9K This 1/5 of the above and I thought it would be one of the highest

Godaddy Names with Bids Pronouceable 4L.coms are starting to hit $3K regularly on GD now. I don’t see them going down either For all the GPT content out there, there are sites and companies trying to determine how the content was created All you need to know about moving to a tax free zone House, garden, products Solid marketing name Masterclass comes to mind Collections are great depending what side of the category you’re on Call your company “Organic” as generic as it gets but I think it works Making a made up word into an even more made up word “move faster” I’ve been asked to invest in several honey energy companies. It’s a little sticky for me when it comes to running and taking an energy pouch. Sounds like a tech company

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewe

The Rest of the Domains with Bids

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