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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, May 2nd, 2022

I’m stealing this from my nursery newletter from last Friday but no sense in double writing. It’s a true strory.

I like to do a long run every weekend with my friends.  Running with others makes the run go by quickly, motivates you to show up because they are going to be waiting for me, and is a therapy because you have 2 hours to talk.  The icing on the cake is I like to get a big coffee and breakfast after to celebrate a good start to the day. 

If it’s a Saturday and I have time, I like a chicken biscuit from Chik-Fil-A.  We all know that the lines are always around the block. That’s pretty much a given.  For good reason. It’s a darn good chicken biscuit.  They also do an amazing job moving people through. The problem is my run is often done near their switch from breakfast to lunch. 10:30. They have a HARD close at 10:30. 1 minute after and you’re getting a chicken sandwich. No arguing, it’s a rule.  

So I pull in and I know I’m cutting it close. Inch by inch the line moves closer to the order window but not fast enough. As we all know, humans are at peak anxiety when something is about to end and you can see where the opportunity is but know that if you don’t get there in time you won’t get something.  Many a “c’mon c’mon” has been said in the car. Or a “are you ordering for everyone in Champaign?” in your head. I know it’s only a chicken biscuit but a yearn is a yearn.  

8 cars away, 7 cars away, 3 cars away.  My math has never been better. 11 minutes left, each order is 2-3 minutes. Plenty of time. But then the van 2 vehicles ahead puts on the rain delay.  A car full of kids and adults cheering they get their breakfast but deciding what they are going to get after they pull up to the order window. Its not like the menu has changed.  It’s an “order” window not “think about what you are going to order” window.  They’ve also had 15 minutes to decide going into the ordering celebration.  Now is not the time to go rogue and make things up as you go. The car in front of me does the “old inch up 17 times on them to give them the let’s-get-going signal.” It works, she moves up. 

I assume the person in front of me was cognizant of time based on them using their bumper to push the previous car out of the way and I was right. They get done and leave me one minute to spare. I pull up and start my order.  I knew that I had made it just in time and a good post run meal was upon me.  As I’m ordering I hear, “Hey!!!”  I can’t really look because I don’t have time.  But it gets louder “HEEEEYYYY!!” I order my food and get ready to pull around.  I hear out my window “Order me 4 biscuits Please, I’ll pay you back.” 

Yep the guy behind me knew he had been shut out and wanted me to order him 4 biscuits.  Laughing I added four biscuits to my order.  I got out and put up the four sign and pointed at my chest to let him know I got the biscuits. When I got to the window I told the young lady to leave four of them for my friend behind me and drove off. The story was worth way more than 4 biscuits.  A good run, a good story, and a good meal. The way every day should start.  

Domain Of the Day: I love great keywords with o at the end

Quote of the Day: “If you have someone telling you something is amazing, check his bags. They’re probably full of that something” -Me

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  1. What a story Shane !I love it .For whatever reason,I woke up around past 5 am to check on,went straight to DSAD .com and your article just put a smile on my face .Surely a good run,good story and a good meal .

    Thank you Shane.

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