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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

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I don’t remember writing Monday’s daily list to be honest. I had run my first Ultra and I ran 55 miles. The 55 miles is not that big of a deal. Aaron Wilken who is the founder here. The AD in DSAD. He runs 100-mile events through the mountains regularly. Even 240-mile races. It was new to me. I can run marathons all day and I’ve done a few Ironmans. But never 50-plus miles running. This was at Lake of the Ozarks so there were also some climbs. 7000 feet of it to be exact. That alone was some work but then it rained. It was 35 degrees so a sleet rain mixed that lasted for four hours. I ran/walked for 13 hours and was only uncomfortable for a little bit of it but the pain often is not during but later. And it came.

My toes were toast. I lost 3 toenails the next day. The soaked shoes combined with the hard downhills just pounded my toes into the front of my shoes. I also didn’t cut my nails properly so they sliced everything up. To add to it all I had a 6-hour drive home a few hours after it was done. I was a Zombie by the time I got to writing. I didn’t miss but the second I as done I was asleep. The crazy part of it all is I can’t wait to do it again and go much further. As a domain broker and investor, I am behind a desk now so more than ever I need and want to get outside and move. I want to get uncomfortable and see what I can do. My toenails will grow back

Domain of the Day: Here’s your new negotiation book

Quote of the Day:  “Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.” William Barclay

Namejet Names at Auction Already at 5 figures and the real bidding hasn’t even started yet This price might not set a record but its going to be high Also has close to 100 bidders. Some great names at Namejet this month It’s a tough business. People don’t realize how little they make on morning and noon shows. I’ve worked there, it’s peanuts. Good job board name A site that runs a chron job for you Exudes that you are in good hands So many Moms doing side hustles or building businesses while they raise a family Sounds like a 2007 sports news site An acronym or uPon. Already a big Dutch firm on the dot com

Sedo and Catched Names at Auction Reserve under $100. This one could spread 4 out of my 5 dot cc have been sold to Christian Churches and Christ is the PERFECT name for that Premium name, elite reserve Degen is the rallying cry of crypto and nft people Seems like a decent price for this one It’s why people use AI . To get it done quickly Better is a great keyword on any tld. Picked up a few bids since last time This is the most I’ve seen an expiry dot go for. Must be some good backlinks Today on Catched most of the names catching bids are dot es Another one where the keyword is 10X the tld CBD names aren’t selling like they used to but CBD is Didn’t know there was a dot cash and this isn’t Crypto but I knew bidders would like it

Dynadot Aftermarket Domains Under $200 at press time and closing today Two metals trading at all-time highs. OK gold is trading well, silver had a pretty good run for a while too At $9 at press time. Good for someone in this industry. Yeah, I’ve never heard of dot town either Here’s your new gambling site. At $8. Yes $8 Taken in 47 extensions. A math term for a type of diagram. a bit hard to spell A 3 letter dot io for $8 A brandable dot com for $8 as well Some day dot cc may have its day. It hasn’t yet

Godaddy Names with Bids Most bids on the board and they’re all coming for the nice backlinks BrandBucket or Squadhelp is in this name’s future All the results for a bad movie of the name. Could be a good brand and take over Google results I would like own Advanced as well if I got this one Because nobody likes A lot of money in Free Drop catch newsletter A lot of uses here. Dragon has been a popular naming keyword for 40 years Drum the instruments or you make container drums “buy it on the Internet” An odd form of the word with the past tense but still exudes high end Good wholesome brand or use it to advertise your AirBnb Officially a CVCV The prices on Capital names always surprise me. This one isn’t that great and its at 4 figures The e saves you a few hundred K Upgrade name for several companies A bit boring but an even bigger category A site of rewards for things Definitely going to be a product. Could be a marketing name for a Tow company I’m long wellness. Everyone seems to need therapy Move more That pattern is four figures as expected And this is $15K ish maybe 20K The Drummer for KISS

Godaddy with One Bid or Fewer


The Rest of the Domains with Bids

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