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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

As a parent we know that our greatest achievement is not our own but our children. Setting the base and the guidebook that they’ll follow for the rest of your life. What you do and say will become norm. If you swear all the time they think that swearing is a part of every day language. If you work day and night they think that’s what you are supposed to do and there’s not more to life. I never sat down and had talks about what to do. I merely did and then answered any questions my daughter had. If you have kids you know that they are inquisitive and will ask a million questions a year if you answer them.

Every kid in the world is reading at a level higher than every other kid. I don’t know who the kids are that are reading at the level they are supposed to be, but I’ve never met them. It’s always “Jenny is reading at a 7th grade level and she’s only in 1st grade”. Plain and simple, kids are smarter than the kids of the last generation. My daughter went to private school, not because I thought it was better, but they had a molestation of kids in the grade school my daughter was supposed to attend and we decided to pass on the local school. We sent her to our church’s school instead. The great part about that school was that kids thought it was cool to read and be smart. You didn’t get made fun of for trying hard. They also had a great running program and regularly won the state championship. Those simple things made my daughter think it was normal to study hard, learn, and exercise. We also took her everywhere. Having only one kid is cheaper to travel and we used all our disposable income to do it. Smaller house, bigger vacations. She got to see the world but I never knew if my daughter was smarter than others or just worked harder or both.

By the time she got to High School she was getting straight As and running well. I assumed as classes got harder and distractions got bigger, she would start to move to the median. She struggled at math so we got her a tutor that was well known and well liked in the area. Jerry the math tutor became one of my daughter’s favorite people. Groups of 5 kids would spend hours doing math. He made it fun. So much that my daughter did it for fun. Imagine that. Solving math problems for fun. He taught it in a way that it seemed practical and useful. He also made it so I never had to help my daughter with homework one day of her life. I’m not exaggerating. My wife and I didn’t help my daughter with schoolwork but 4 or 5 times at best….ever. With that math help she continued to get straight As and didn’t get a B while in High School. She graduated top 5 because you get extra points for AP courses and she didn’t take all AP. Enough AP to get 15 hours credit in college but not top of her class. But again, when she got into college she would find the next level of smart and would fall towards the median

Libby went to Syracuse and ran for the team. The first athlete ever to be in the honors engineering program and participate in a varsity sport. She ran 3 and half years for the team. Slower end of the spectrum but she stuck with it. She ended up getting all straight As and was this past year named Engineer of the Year. She crushed college and that little girl that seemed like she might be a bit brighter than the other kids turned out to be pretty bright. So now she’s off to graduate school. She’s been accepted with full scholarship to Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, and Texas. The last two she’s working with are Harvard and MIT and waiting to see what they can offer. Some decent schools that should challenge her. I’m thinking this is the level where she’ll meet her challenges and her equals. They are the best schools in the nation for what she wants to do other than Stanford and Illinois. She has no desire to come back to our town at Illinois and she doesn’t like Stanford for some reason.

I like to think I gave her good genes but I think what I gave her was a good work ethic, a comfortable and consistent environment, support and love. A lot can be accomplished with those. I’m sure she wants to make me proud and I set the bar pretty high in household accomplishments. We play to win around the house but we also have a mantra in that the real joy is in the journey. The race, the test, the end, is just a measurement of what you learned on the journey. And raising a kid I sure learned a lot and her accomplishments gave me a pretty good grade on how I did.

Domain of the Day: Most bids on the board today. Nice that it can be any type of training

Quote of the Day: “A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world.” — John le Carre

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7 Replies to “Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, January 26th, 2022”

  1. Nice to hear about your daughter Shane, it’s not just the domains I like to read about each day, this blog is more than that. You must be proud as punch as a Dad. I have 3 daughters the same, so I know how you feel.

    All girls in my house. I’m outnumbered but proud!

    Posting this also reminds me to thank you for the Trippie heads up. Great community, I’ve got my full house, enjoying the ride so far.

    All the best.

  2. Much congratulations to your (obviously) intelligent, very hard working daughter, Shane. You and your wife clearly had a lot to do with her success.

    1. Thanks John and Gene. I’ve said it here many times, my wife makes everyone better she works and plays with. I appreciate you all don’t mind I make this into a diary of my daily life. At least I try and keep it interesting

  3. Interesting write up Shane. Part of every parents dream is to see that your children excels as she grows into being an adult .
    You and your wife raised a star daughter. I could imagine you both smile and shed some tears of joy.

    Shane like I said on twitter ,one of the many reasons I like you is being you and being real in your words .
    God bless you always 🙏.

  4. My favorite thing in life is raising my girls. Huge congratulations to your daughter and her accomplishments so far. I am sure you and your wife are beyond proud.

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