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Similar to last week’s showcasing of a few developed first and last names on a variety of extensions, we’re not focusing on a single new gTLD this week……we’re taking a look at a handful of developed sites on multiple extensions that nicely span the dot. These range from one word on each side of the dot, to 3 word phrases.

Screenshots are linked if you would like to check them out for yourself.

CreateYour.Gift – Developed to provide personalized gifts, and it’s an additional site for the Australian folks behind Passionate about Personalised Products. Welcome to CreateYour.Gift

  • Based in Sydney
  • Existing online business for  years
  • Have 10 awesome team members
  • Specialist in Retail and Corporate GIfts”

create your gift

WeFind.Property – This is the online home of a realtor in the Washington DC area; the TANIA IVEY HOME SELLING TEAM” “Contact us today for information on buying or selling a DC, VA or MD home, to find out about upcoming listings or to schedule a property tour.”

Sun.Flowers “We’re Sun.Flowers. And we are passionate about Sunflowers—they drive and energize our every move. Since 1988, we’ve been cultivating and innovating the perfect Sunflowers.” “We are committed to offering our customers the best—from unmatched service to the highest quality flowers from our Dos Gringos farms in Southern California and Baja, Mexico.”
Find.Cars – This delivers exactly what you would expect — a variety of cars available within a certain radius of my home.
WeLove.Flowers – This one is just a placeholder for now, with it’s ‘coming soon’ text, but I like the domain and look forward to seeing what is in the works. Whois shows the owner as the folks behind; they’re a developer of florist websites, so they might control the domain on behalf of a client.

RecyclingIs.Sexy“We are redefining what it is to be sexy, and it is sexy to be a CONSCIOUS CONSUMER! We believe in a world of zero waste, where products and systems are designed for maximum material recovery.  To get there, things need to change; from how products are made, to how they are recaptured and recycled.”

Domain Spotlight:

8 Replies to “Six Examples of Developed New G’s that Nicely Span the Dot”

  1. This continual development makes sense. Electrical current travels not only the path of least resistance but all paths completing the circuit. More and more engineers will discover and make good use of these installations if for no other reason than the fact that the domains are a readily available resource.

    The wiring is laid, the challenge now is who will make the wires sing.

  2. Here’s a challenge for your readers: Recall 2 or 3 of these websites/domains in a couple of hours (that’s if you already can’t do that right now while reading this).

    Rules: If you haven’t forgotten them already (which I myself have while typing this), don’t scroll up to get a second glance and make it to memorize them (something a casual surfer won’t do.)

    1. Interesting challenge.
      I think people can remember the keywords (“Find Cars” or “Sun Flowers” or “We Find Property”), but I understand many people don’t even realize there are new G’s, so some won’t yet understand where to put the dot, or realize that it’s not followed by a .com. It’s a process…..
      Thanks for the comment.


  4. They were just an example of the second half of the sentence.
    examples of developed NEW G’S THAT NICELY SPAN THE DOT. Next time I’ll try to encapsulate the full and exact gist, and relevance of the subject in my response. [ sorry, I got excited when I read ” nicely span the dot”. Thanks, I read Domain Shane, first thing every morning.

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