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So There’s A New Daily List In Town? Just Released the New And Improved Daily Auction List

Turns out the little kid on the other side of town tried to steal my thunder while I was away at DomainFest.  Morgan can testify, it’s a bitch trying to do a link post with an iPad. Combine that with typing it out at 2 am and I was facing a hurdle I couldn’t jump over.  Then comes the squatters, the vultures, and has forced me to step up my game. So from this point on I’ll have to start including more product domains to the list.  So I’d like to introduce the new and improved list. But don’t worry, I’ll still put in a bunch of junk in there but at least it will be funny junk.  Here are some names at auction or dropping this weekend. 18,000 searches but not a great CPC.  Of course you could always just raise the puppies and sell them direct. $2,000 Estibot but just under 600 searches.  Still a nice CPC of $3.37 so this could be a bargain. 1999 Domain and no bidders.  Under a $100 is a nice price for this one. Put coupons in any domain and it becomes a pretty good name. $2500 valuate Only month that occasionally changes how many days it has.  Very rare in the calendar year, very rare. I thought you guys might like this one. One of the most popular Christmas gift that all Grandmas get their teenage boy grandchildren 110,000 searches and a $9600 valuate With metal prices continuing to rise I think having an easy source to find scrap prices is a great idea I see javascript when I see it Also known as Tequila Sheiks have a ton of money

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9 Replies to “So There’s A New Daily List In Town? Just Released the New And Improved Daily Auction List”

  1. Your lists is a must read for me each day. But I have to admit that I also enjoyed the Teen-list while you where away! 🙂

  2. I never wanted to steal your thunder or squat on your thing, just keep the list going while you were out at domainfest, glad to see the real list master back in action. Its a ton of work to get the list out every day and I applaud the work you put into them. Thanks for the kind comments Acro and Johan but I just dont have the time to do a list every day, I’ll leave it to Shane.

  3. @Teen and @Shane…
    Well, can you at least have a showdown/shootout… a one day or one week winner take all with voting on both your sites… could be fun and funny! I’d vote and chuckle at the very least…

  4. @ Acro your on to us. and @Joey @Clay Sorry but I won’t be doing daily list. Maybe once and a while but I’m going to keep them to my self so I can make the green!

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