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Two Places at Once = Twice as Much Money

As I sit here on a plane connected via WiFi to the world below, all I see is dollar signs. Time in our daily lives that used to be spent less productive, now can be used to get a lot done or even better for me, wasting time.

Fifteen years ago I had a problem, I didn’t own a TV or radio station. It was just a little out of my price range. OK, a lot out of my price range. I loved the thought of having hundreds of thousands of eyeballs fully focused on my content. TV ruled the world. Move ahead 15 years. No more excuses. We all now have the ability to
capture the attention of a billion people. If you live in the US there are no barriers to entry. We all could be $200 away from putting up a site that has tens thousands of
daily users.

My flight and the trip over here reminded me of that more than ever. I FaceTime my daughter and see her off to school, live with a smile. I can be hundreds of miles away and still be there for my little girl. I have a quick meeting with several different employees about a big snow storm coming up. A snowstorm that a can still track and manage from a place that’s 70 degrees. I sit on a plane on write this article during a time that used to be reserved for reading, watching a movie, or just general boredom. Remember that old saying ” you can’t be two places at once”? It’s no
longer true. You can and you can do a good job at both.

Nothing in business has changed, business is this simple. Create a good business plan, keep the costs down and the revenue and communication up. Do those four and you’ll be fine. Of course
those four are very difficult to accomplish and much easier said than done. Except for communication, with all the technology I mentioned above there is absolutely no reason for lack of communication. There is only one
excuse, lack of effort. We all have 5 different methods to communicate text, email, video, and in person. If you don’t have access to all of those then I suggest you leave Egypt.

With all those at my fingers 24/7 I can now accomplish twice as
much as my father did when he had letters, land line phones,and in person. So now that I’m getting twice as much done, does that mean I should be making twice as much money? To me it should, because my actions all result in revenue in way or another. If I can get twice as many things done in a day then hypothetically I should make more money.

While I’m not sure I do, I can say this. Because of the connectivity I can now reach, manage, and monetize more people than ever. And it’s growing every day. We’ve been handed the reigns to a money making machine called the Internet and I’m going ride it. If you own domains you’ve already got the saddle.

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  1. Good points, on the other side though, everyone else has the same advantages now. Was better 5 or 10 years ago, when most people weren’t really starting businesses online yet and using affiliate programs. But you just have to find new methods and try new things til something works.

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