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OOPS! Next Weeks Domaining Event:’s Interview with Rob Monster

Update: I apologize the session is NEXT Wednesday. It starts at 2 pm Eastern and should be a pretty good show.  We’ve talked about Rob and Epik for months, now it’s time to hear from Rob himself.  I’m sure Owen Frager has some great questions lined up for him and knowing Rob he’s likely to give some in depth answers.  Rob’s best sales tool is himself but he needs more depth to his sales pitch. There’s more to Epik than IceCreamMaker and today’s we’ll find out what that is.  I have several sites with Rob and know he’s a great communicator so the show should be easy for him.  Looking at Owen’s ugly mug for an hour……that could be difficult (smile) .  To sign up go here

Here’s a description of the show is transitioning to new partners, and Rob Monster Will Have The Last Word

Money Talks. Bullshit Walks.

We all know it’s time to jettison secretive parking companies who withhold vital operating information and pay pennies on the dollar.

So here’s how we do it.

On Today’s Power Lunch special, Founder and Chairman Rob Monster shows us how to transform dormant domains into revenue generating powerhouses through complete traffic and revenue transparency and 50/50 revenue share.

50/50 revenue share with complete transparency?
You don’t want to miss this! <> , just one of the thousands of domains on the platform, and it’s already making 4-figures a month net. It’s a well-thought out design that converts visitors into buyers. Cha-ching, my friends!

Kenny Hartog tested the platform and became so convinced he now has more than 500 Epik-powered sites with steadily increasing monthly revenues.

Money Talks, and so does Rob.
Rob Monster will be taking your questions LIVE!  He’ll also give us very in-depth insight into what they have learned from years of testing and development from develop websites that rank, convert and generate revenue! Whether you have product, directory or reference domains <> , Epik has some pretty impressive development solutions.

…and Bullshit Walks
Other people have come and gone with the empty promise of an alternative to domain parking. However, when we’ve asked others to come on and show us the money, they refuse because they can’t prove their concepts. stands apart.

Epik is the real deal and has the “Who’s Who” of top Domainers already using the platform. Epik has demonstrated their commitment to helping domain owners to create valuable, income-producing web properties that are the foundation for building substantial online businesses.

The Domain Developer’s Conference
From September 15-17 in beautiful Seattle, Washington, Rob is hosting a domain development conference <> for Domainers, web designers and alternative investors to teach people how to take their domains to the next level – the profitable level  – and learn about best practices as they relate to buying, developing, operating and selling quality domains. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be a pretty kickin event to include dinner cruises, a live website auction and domain trading. Early bird registration <> ends on this coming Thursday, July 15

Yeah, DOMAIN TRADING! Like “o money changing hands, just good old fashioned I’ll give you this domain for that domain and we call it even” type of trading.  This is an EXCELLENT way to leverage domains you don’t want and find ones in a specific niche that you do want! Don’t’ worry about how it works, they’ve got all that nailed down. Just know that the domain trading event alone is worth the price of admission.  All registered attendees can submit their domains for acceptance and Epik will help find people to trade with.

The Successful End of an Era – Thank you for all of your support!
When I re-launched over 20 months ago and featured Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds and his success, like most of you, I was frustrated with lack of sales demand for my domains and parking revenues. My goal was to help Domainers make the leap into development by learning from pros who have done it so to inspire you to believe that you can do it too.

40 shows later, I think the informational and educational content on represents the single most comprehensive “how to” domain success stories in the industry.

However, while the stories were great, most people were simply too technically challenged and just didn’t know how to go about building their domains into businesses.

So it is fitting that on our last show we present a solution that takes the best of everything you’ve heard here, and hands it to you on a silver platter without you having to know how to do it, or lift a finger all.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce Epik. If you’re looking to take your domain portfolio to the next level, don’t miss this our best and final show.

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