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Sunday Sunday A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

A very special edition of Sunday Drops and not just because my wife turns 40 today.  Why did Sunday get separated out from the normal weekend combo?  Because Saturday had a lot of good names. Now on to the drops Very good letters for an acronym.  I don’t usually like acronyms but this could represent a lot of things for an enduser Plant names are hot.  I know, it’s what I do. This one will probably go for a few hundred but still a good deal.  Why don’t I take it?  I have already have a good enough tulip domain

A ton of Celebrity on Godaddy   I don’t do celebrity names and especially dot orgs but if you do a bunch are dropping on Godaddy today $1500 estibot, 6500 searches and $2 CPC with no bidders makes this name worth a shot 6500 searches and could geotarget this one. The ‘A’ throws off estibot but this is a very nice name.  I will take it if nobody else wants it.


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Domains For Sale $150   Details….  Valuate $860 ….CPC $10.89…..1240 exact Searches $200   Details……Valuate $2600……CPC $8.62…….33,604 exact Searches $100 Details……..Valuate $1200……CPC $1.46………..15,000 exact Searches

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