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Some Real Nice Domains Dropping This Morning (Top PPC)

This daily morning post is evolving.  In addition to the 6 or 7 drops that I’ll feature, I’m also going to end with 3 daily domains for sale.  They will be for sale through me.  If you have a domain you’d like to sell, feel free to email me. I would like to specialize in 4L and 5L domains but of course I will take generics as well.  I would like to keep the names on the inexpensive side ($100-$1000) as there are plenty of great newsletters out there covering the expensive stuff.  Now onto the drops and the names For domainers, this would make a nice site for selling names with high PPC Great name with no bidders.  Very very brandable and sounds nice $21,000 valuate and actually may go at value because it closes during the weekend I don’t know what happened to this formerly great site but if you buy the domain you have an instant site with PR5 and dmoz AND yahoo directory listings.  You can’t buy that kind of juice.  Actually you can To me, means Coast to Coast and will go cheap A little trademark issue here but it’s dropping The adult names go high but this is worth several thousand dollars

Go to if you want to find more

Domains For Sale $150   Details….  Valuate $860 ….CPC $10.89…..1240 exact Searches $200   Details……Valuate $2600……CPC $8.62…….33,604 exact Searches $100 Details……..Valuate $1200……CPC $1.46………..15,000 exact Searches

Email me (in contacts above)  first come first serve (unless you offer more than price given)

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    1. Yes,

      Here’s how it works. I check my email every hour or so except when I’m sleeping. I read all emails and will look and see if anyone wants that name. The first person to email me that they want it gets it. BUT…. If somebody REALLY wants that name and says they will pay higher, it’s theirs as long as it’s in that same period I check my email. I IMMEDIATELY make that decision and will email the person. I don’t wait for a better bid and I would never said “hey I have a higher bid” after I’ve told someone they have it. If I sold a name for $150 and someone comes 5 hours later and says they would pay $500 then I’m out of luck…it’s sold. I only put this in because of the overnight issue. I post these at 3am central time and if someone really wants a name and doesn’t want to get up at 3am they can bid more than the asking price and not have to be quick on the email. When I wake up I check the timestamp of the emails. If this gets to be a problem (and a good problem) then I’ll start a newsletter and send the names out in advance of the post. I’m not getting any takers at this point so the point is moot so far.

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