Sunday’s Big List Of Domains at Auction and Dropping: 4-1-13 No Jokes Inside

Apr 01 2012

I hate April Fools day because being goofy is so expected that I start the day not believing a word anyone says.  It’s the worst day in the world to get hurt, run out of gas, or have a traumatic event because you don’t have a chance in hell of getting any help.  As for the names,   Godaddy Auctions aren’t too bad today for a Sunday.  Here’s the list. I figured you guys would like this

InternetDesk.comIt’s pretty much what every computer in my house has become. We don’t use them for much else anymore.  I love the state of Michigan but the “uuupers” scare me.

Pasco.comVery popular last name and a Put those together and you reach $800 easily

SoyCoffee.comYup, there’s such thing as soy coffee. I guess they figured they hadn’t ruined the taste of enough products yet.

Separate.orgI really thought this would go for much higher. Probably because most people have no clue how to spell separate.

ChurchSupply.comSomebody has to sell them pews, trays to pass around, and a book of witty sayings to put on the sign outside.  Not a standout name but it’s from 1992.  Again, not a great name but 1996 domain and only one bidder  Ahhh my favorite game.  You just print a whole bunch of junk out for hours at a time.   Lots of real Dr Wilds out there and with very few bidders it will be cheaper than a visit to him.  I like this one, but then again I’m old and better.

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  1. John $605 26 bids $712 23 bids $605 49 bids
    Go Kansas

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