Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-31-12


You might have heard but I didn’t win the lotto yesterday.  I’ll check my ticket later to see if I won that worthless consolation prize of $250K but when I heard the big winner didn’t come from my state I was astounded.  I fully expected to win.  I am a very positive person and thought for sure that positivity would guide me to $600 million.  Looks like I’ll have to do it the harder way.  One domain at a time.  Starting with these. PS: Sorry about the late post, had to get in 24 mile run before work and forgot about the list so I’m squeezing it in before I go sell some trees. 13 Years old but the singulars always get me. Are you selling one vehicle? And how many cars do they need to make commercials (joke, hold the comments) Still going for $360 so what do I know and has it much higher than this Pretty good for cheap My favorite kind of name. Two simple word dot com Ends quickly (less than an hour at press time) and lots of traffic.  My gift to you. No bidders and lots of ads.  Dirty job but somebody has to do it. I think this one is  worth $69 but nobody agrees, no bidders  A million places and streets named this.  Not literally,  but a lot  Huge CPC and good search volume.  I think this is a good pickup

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