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Sunday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 4-29-12

You may have read on the comments or on Facebook that I had a pretty good race yesterday.  Although a bit tired because I had a speech for 50 people after the race and had to work late the night before, I managed a 3:14:50.  Just squeezing under the time I needed to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Boston was nice enough to lower the qualifying time by 6 minutes this year because they didn’t think it was hard enough.  So I had to lose 15 pounds and do a little more speedwork to try and knock my best time down.  I had run two 3:16s but that wouldn’t do it so I had to work a little harder.  Great feeling to see that my hard work paid off.  Now on to the names.

Timeliness.comTimeliness is one of my pet peeves. If you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late I guess you could call it pronouceable but either way a great  I figured people would like this Because fat people loooooove the thought of putting no work or time into a diet. Marketing gold here  My girlfriend in Spanish.  I would enjoy a site of pictures of people’s girlfriends. Does that make me a pervert or just a guy?  Don’t answer that  As a person that hauls rock for a living and has paid for way too many windshields, I can say that this would be a great name for a company that repairs windshields.  No bidders so you won’t have to pay too much.  11 years old  No bidders for a name that clearly defines its use and doesn’t need to be repeated to have the user remember.  10 year old bargain  Another no bid domain that can be used for cloud or rental units  Get ahead of the legalization.   No bidders  I think politics when I see this and I hate thinking politics so I’ll leave this for you

StylishDesign.comDesign names are hot and I personally know that big companies have been gobbling up websites with good traffic that specialize in design  Long name, amazing results

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. lanah,

    i’m glad you noticed that it’s closed….it ended few hours after i posted the comment 🙂

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