Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around the Internet 4-27-12

Apr 28 2012

As you’re reading this I am probably suffering in the last few miles of my marathon. My nice employees at work have scheduled my to work the afternoon shift. They said if I run fast enough I will get an hour to myself to do whatever I want with my time. That’s why I love them. Doing whatever it takes to make sure I can get a little “ME” time. Here is today’s list. These 4L pronounceable are skyrocketing lately. Its a great Acronym but you can also say it aloud and people could probably spell it$12 for a 12 year old dictionary name is a steal. At least it was when I wrote this

8243.comI know my LLLL.coms as well as anyone and I can comfortably say this is a You never plan to die but we all die to plan. Maybe that’s not the saying Americans traded the U to the English in the Revolutionary War so this has much more value in England and India All I see is XXX. I see it and I automatically erase my history. I’m actually in the market for a new island but I’m still having to buy usedat this point in time Great letters. Could cross $1500 I pray every night that a doctor would put me on bed rest

BoatRadio.comI don’t own a boat so I don’t know much about boat radios. Looking forward to learning more when you build this out

Pickier.comThis for $74 and pickiest at $12? Get picky and complete the trio

Supercede.comI already have a Cede and now looking to upgrade to a supercede

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  1. Post author

    3:14:50 Had a much better pace going and suddenly cramped up at the very last mile. Stopped, stretched and hauled ass home to qualify for Boston. I had qualified and then Boston dropped the qualifying time 6 minutes so I had to lose 15 pounds and train a little harder but still did it. Hope they don’t drop it again. I don’t think I have but 3 or 4 minutes left to take off my time. I can only get faster for so many years 🙂

  2. Aaron

    Nice! A new PR, correct? It was cold, rainy and windy an hour north of you this morning — not exactly ideal running conditions.

    I didn’t realize how big a deal yesterday/today’s festivities were until I saw quite a few friends posting FB pictures of them wrapping up their runs yesterday in Memorial Stadium.

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