Sunday’s Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Oct 02 2011

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I have very little planned to do today for the first time in weeks.  Thanks to everyone who sent over names yesterday.  I can see that many people are proud of their names.  I responded to the names I was interested in but have to admit most people responded with end-user prices.  No way they could get those prices at a Namejet auction.  It’s their domains though and they can ask whatever they like for the names. Here are today’s names. Buy it and give it back to him.  Can’t believe there are no bidders. Don’t squat him though, he’s too cool to do that to. Not just a chocolate company but THE chocolate company The biggest excuse I have.  Buy it Could be used for many different industries.  Domaining starter pack would include $5000, a DomainTools Subscription, and a link to Sedo and Namejet, and 200 hours of reading and learning before you buy your first name. and the Plural Nothing says green like a windmill, if only they had a real payback. Aluminum Christmas trees were all the rage back in the 50’s.  I think they’ll make a comeback.  On second thought the price of aluminum needs to come down first. Perfect name for a lasix doctor. Most people think sports here but there is a whole industry in OSHA led safety masks. Same thing.  I would think a safety equipment company would want to snap this up.

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