I Am Looking for a Few 5L.coms and ColorAnimal.coms

Oct 01 2011

I am personally looking for two types of domains.  I am looking for a few choice 5 letter dot coms and a few coloranimal.coms ie bluehorse.com or yellowmonkey.com.  Remember I am a reseller not an enduser.  If you are hoping to make big money on them I am not your person. I also am not looking to take advantage of anyone. If you’re in love with the name, don’t send it, I don’t have enough money to break up your relationship.  I am restocking my portfolio on the former and need the latter for a buyer that I am working with.  There are few rules AND DO NOT POST YOUR NAMES IN THE COMMENTS only send them via email.  I don’t want the comments to turn into a classified section. Please send your asking price.   My email is in the contacts or you can send them to [email protected]  Take out the thisismyemailfor and ILovetoEatCake.  Don’t be upset if I don’t respond to your email.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to send me your names. If I am interested I will email you back.  Or if I think your price is absolutely ridiculous in relation to your price I will email as well.

On the 5 letter here are my requirements

1. Don’t send me more than 10 names.  If you have more only send me your best.

2.  They have to be easy to say and spell.

3. No domains that end in “I”

4.  No acronyms.

5. examples of what I have and am looking for.  Weeba, Bleeb, Dumpo,Fazzy, Happa, Hooku, Jukio, Ploob.

6. If it has three consonants in a row don’t send it

For the color animal its pretty simple

Don’t send animal then color and make sure it’s an animal a 5 year old has heard of.

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