Sunday’s Working Godaddy Promo Codes For Dot Com and Dot Net Renewals

Nov 18 2012

Every few Sunday’s I go through my Godaddy domains and make sure everything is renewed and up to date. I’ll go through the contact info, DNS, and just make sure things are in order. Like everyone else I’ll use Promo Codes to keep the cost down. They’re everywhere, but I’m never sure which codes do what and if they are expired. Some codes work for dot coms and not dot nets and vice versa so I’m always looking for codes that do both because I’m lazy. I thought I would save everyone some hunting and put up a few codes that I just used today so I know they work and exactly what they saved me.  The first code pretty much covered everything for me.  Let me know if it saved you any money or had any problems so I can keep this updated. (or if there are better Godaddy coupon codes out there)

GD50bbpd5  (click through for savings) This Code seems to be the best Godaddy Code out there.  It covers all the renewals and gives you the following

$8.67 after ICANN fees for a Dot Com Renewal

$7.78 (After Fees) for Renewal for Dot Net

$8.67 (After Fees) for New Dot Com

$10.17 (after fees) for New dot net

SCOTT495   This one gives you a NEW dot com registration for $4.95.  Will be valuable once the $2.95 promo that Godaddy is currently running ends tomorrow Nov 20th (that $2.95 banner is up in the left side corner of the page)
GDX184b  This promo code gives you 25 to 30% off your cart.  Applies to Hosting, Domains, Site Builder etc.

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  1. Short

    You are such a winner, sharing as you do.

    Newton’s 3rd law will surely you well. Thank you. In fact, thank you for each domain I’ve bought or renewed at better prices, even with our DDC membership. You totally rock

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