Yolo.com Sold Recently for Over $29,000 This Month to Cupid PLC

Nov 18 2012

Yolo has become a popular word in today’s culture, especially for the young generation.  It has come to mean “You Live Only Once” and made popular by the Drake song “The Motto”.  It’s also made the domain YOLO.com ever more popular than it would be for just being a premium CVCV.com

Back in January of this year, Eric Levitt and Neptune Ave (eventually changing name to Yolo Publishing) bought Yolo.com for $29,000.  He purchased the domain from Manoj Desai of Websoft Developer who had picked it up in 2004 in what appears to be a drop.  I thought it was a fair price at the time for one of the top CVCV domains on the market.  Cupid PLC agrees.

Cupid PLC aka Cupid.com is the company that owns a mix of some of the most popular  dating sites on the net.  Most of us know Cupid.com and maybe a few visit BeNaughty.com (happily married here but I guess that really doesn’t matter on BeNaughty).  Cupid used The Treadstone Group (I’d put link but it has a very annoying audio at startup) to acquire the name earlier in November.  Presently the name is in the account of Cupid but doesn’t resolve.

Now on to the price.  It was a private sale but I can guarantee is was higher than $29K.  I would imagine it would be in the low to mid six figures merely for the fact that Cupid has cash.  The company is publicly traded and is currently valued at $247 million US.  They’ve used their cash to buy several other dating sites for millions.  What may have kept the price down is The Treadstone Group.  We’ve all dealt with these type of companies where they send in the kid to act like they are going to use it for a blog.  Never knowing that the real buyer is willing to go much much higher than you would ever imagine.  Whatever the price, congrats to Eric Levitt on the the nice 10 month flip.  Proving once again, it takes money to make money.

Research courtesy of DomainTools.com

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