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The 5 “Buyers” Domainers Hate

Lovelogo made up this pretty funny info graphic for me to share and the main reason it’s funny is because it’s so true.  I personally have had negotiations with all 5 of these type of “buyers”.  

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  1. *

    Add another one: the ones who, after a back and forth negotiation, fail to respond with a 10-second “No, but thank you.”

    Extremely rude.


  2. A few more that have made some days a bit more interesting:

    The Trader

    The Lowballer Who Turns Into The Angry Man/Woman

    The “Here’s an Appraisal” Guy

    Might also be funny to see the other side. The Top 5 “Sellers” That Domain Buyers Hate.

  3. @ Ian –

    “The Lowballer Who Turns Into The Angry Man/Woman

    The “Here’s an Appraisal” Guy”

    Yes, I hear from those ones all the time.

    There is also the – I have a TM on “insert generic term” and you are squatting on it legal threats guy.


  4. Glad you guys liked the infographic. We created it based on our experience and if you all have any more just add them here and maybe we can do another 5 “buyers” domainers hate.

  5. For “foreigners” there’s also the “I will give you 100 real American dollars as opposed to thousands of your worthless British pounds…”

    “The exchange rate is about $1.60 to £1.00, my friend…” Cue switch to the angry man – and my absolute acceptance that without America, I’d be speaking German. In German.

  6. My latest:


    Hey dude,

    I came across your registered domain, (deleted).com. I want to use it for my new blog. Let me know if you would like to see it change ownership.

    (Name Deleted)

    I don’t have a price on it, but I would hear an offer.


    In that case, I offer you 30 euros for it.


    Your offer is absurd.


    I’m sorry, I do not know what domain names are worth. What would be the minimum offer for you to let it go?


    Here’s the sale prices of the domains sold on Sedo, last week.


    If you were sincerely thinking that €30 was a credible offer, you might just want to register the .org and use that instead.


    Sure, but those domains all have demand and market value. One has a more difficult time selling products from (Deleted).com. Therefore my question: what is your minimum price?


    I don’t think it’s likely we’ll be coming to terms on this domain unless you’re willing to make a credible offer.

    Good luck with your search for a suitable domain.


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