Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-31-12

Jul 31 2012


Should be picking up a LL.net today. I have been buying LL.nets and LL.orgs lately privately.  Hoping to resell them here over the next few month but even if I don’t I have always felt comfortable with super short, major tld purchases over the long run.  I felt the same way with my NNNN.coms and they have made me quite a bit of money over the last few years.  PS Always buying NNNN.coms if anyone would like to cash out.

WebGED.com Its a big business. I applaud those that go back to get their GED but hey, it IS a lot of work. Why not just buy one on the web? no bidders

WirelessCloud.com Anything cloud is good but add wireless to it and you have a $1000 plus domain

HamRadio-Online.com I normally don’t do dashes but PR5, 16 years old and 500 back links makes me kinda like it

Phoneo.com  One of the better 5L.coms on Namejet in the last few months.  So good it actually has 6 letters

3656.com  I am going to try and get 4.cn name up one extra day early because people keep saying I’m not giving them enough time to get money in the account. You actually have to have a deposit to bid at 4.cn

WyGy.com   “getting wygy with it…na na na na na na na”  14 year old domain

Ruble.org  Only one bidder on the Russian currency?

DomainBroker.tv   Great name but not sure if a domain broker wants to operate under a .tv.  Unless that is your specialty and then its perfect

AdvancedWeapons.com   No bidders and everyone wants to know more about things that make killing much easier

0123456789.com  Yep.  And going for a decent price

SuckMyNuts.com  Great slogan for a boiled peanut seller……or the world’s most offensive email.

ADGP.com  Pretty strong letters on this 2002 domain

MobileEye.com  That’s what your camera are on your phone and laptops are to hackers. Made that up but one of my biggest fears

Extractions.com All I can think of is a dentist pulling teeth. Maybe that’s what it would be best for

GoDaddy.com Deal of the Week! – $4.95 .COM! Offer expires 7/31/12.

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