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The Big Weekend List of Drop and Auction Picks

Sometimes I do weekend picks sometimes I don’t. I’m up late celebrating a good sale. It wasn’t a domain but a car. A have way too many cars and I’ve wanted to get rid of it for years. I have 4 cars and my wife told me to get rid of one if I was going to even think about getting a new one. Evidently “buy whatever the hell you want with your money” doesn’t mean cars. That was three years ago. I finally sold it and it’s like a 1966 Bel-Aire has been lifted off my shoulders. So today I celebrate and give you this list. Enjoy A real PR7 for sale. The links alone are worth a ton of money. Not as many bidders as I would have thought but Google is dropping the value of pagerank links. Hell, they may be dropping pagerank for trust rank. Good fishing name or bad kidnapper name. The opposite of denied dot com that sold yesterday I’m in on this one. I have and if you’d like to buy them instead. $1000 for the pair. These are the names I don’t get. How many people are really looking for indoor swings. Unnecessary adjective but would be quite a lot more and certainly more than 40 bidders I could use a little of this. Maybe if i just buy the domain I will naturally get more productive Already at $1300 and it’s still a good deal A little cheaper than and it’s insta These vowel 5 and 6 letter domains are doing very very well. This is over $100 already One of the better CVCV and it’s going cheap IMO

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. “ Good fishing name or bad kidnapper name.”

    …or a good domain tasting domain if tasting was still viable. 🙂

  2. Perfect domain for the Fed’s current US immigration enforcement policy…

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