Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Jun 03 2011

Got to the list a little late because I have been working the Thursday night TV gig.  No I’m not Morgan Linton, I am pushing my wares on local television.  Here’s a little peak at what I do and yes I know.  My hair seems to not be making the trip to the studio.  Going bald is a bitch.  Now onto the names.  (clip at the end) Perfectly matched for the dot org.  I may have to get it to go with I almost felt guilty when I said it out loud because it sounds like I’m making fun of a  deaf person saying summer.  See?  Feel bad don’t you. 1995 domain and I love it.  Doesn’t pass the radio test but passes the money test and this is money. Great brand.  I can see the logo already.  I would make it blue.  It’s on the wish list but Namejet has been bringing wishlist names up for auction if they get a high enough bid Just has a nice sound to it.  12 bidders agree I screwed this one up yesterday.  Actually ends today.  Only one bidder but already at $8K Certainly not a product name but a 13 year old domain that’s short and easy to remember is a good deal for $69 In Illinois implementing means collecting plows. Aggregation is your friend here.  Take the feeds of them all and make a celebrity version of Not huge value but I think it would make a nice brand. It’s at a Chinese registrar but it’s dirt cheap at $58.  I may try and get it and have my rep help me. Worth a shot at that price

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