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The Conference of All Domain Conferences Could Be Coming

I just received this Press Release and thought I would share: On November 31st, 2011 there’s going to be a new conference added to the annual mix of Domaining events. Introducing Domain, Planes and Roulette Wheels™ 2011.

You’ve been to foreign lands, you’ve been on a boat, but I bet you’ve never been to a conference on a plane. Wednesday November 31st, a plane will leave New York city and travel approximately 2250 miles to Las Vegas and for the next 6 hours, we’ll have the first day of the highest altitude conference in the world. For six entertaining hours we’ll listen to such great speakers on the following topics

  • Hillary Clinton on the future of the porn industry with the introduction of .XXX
  • Mike Mann will talk about steroids and how they made him a better domain investor
  • Rick Schwartz will give a wonderful presentation entitled “Making Money Using the Soft Sell Method”

Finally on day one we will also have our keynote speaker, Big Lie Society giving an intriguing speech entitles “#$A Perfectioning Little The………..The Days of”

During the flight they will be cooking and serving fine t-bone steaks off the grill and washing it all down with some of Florida’s best beers from the main sponsor, FloridasBestBeers.So. To make the flight a truly unique experience they’ve been able to arrange to have this flight as one of the first smoking flights in 15 years. Cigars, cigarettes (and maybe pot, lawyers are looking into laws at 20,000 feet and above) all will be available from the secondary sponsors, And that’s just day one.

After you reach Vegas the party begins. An evening is planned at some of the nicest clubs on the strip. There will be celebrities (yet to be named), limos (yet to be booked), and of course plenty of girls painted in colorful paint to cover up their hoo haas. Every conference attendee will receive a free scarf, courtesy of Merlin Kaufman and True Magic,  and a N95 respirator face masks courtesy of the Castello Bros.  Not only will you be in LA fashion but DPR is committed to keep all their guests safe from all air born diseases. And if that’s not enough, and you make it through the evening, the conference continues for the flight back home.

The flight back will not be any ordinary flight. It will be the first ever Live Domain Auction at 31,000 feet. Live via satellite, what they are calling, the 1st annual Domain Auction from 31,000 Feet™ will commence. For the next 4 hours we will have some of the top names in the industry up for bid. The auction will be a guaranteed success as any name will be accepted into the auction for a small fee of $100. No picking, no reserves, no need to play favorites to dot coms, all are welcome. It’s a first come first serve auction to the first 1000 names entered. Another thing that won’t be a firs,  but will be the first time offered publicly, for a small fee they will place bids to drive up the price. The price structure has not been finalized but initially it appears to be $30 for first fake bid and then adding $10 to the price for each additional bid necessary. A price that seems more than fair.

All in all it seems like a great time. Domainers have been to Europe. Been to Asia. They’ve even been on a boat. Now they can grill steaks, smoke cigars, and bid on domains, all on a motherfu$#in plane. This one is going to be hard to top.

For more information or to sign up GO HERE

*Plane Graphics provided by 99Designs.  References to DomainGang in the comments will be deleted

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