Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Drops

Apr 12 2011

I’m always amazed at what some of these domains reach at auction but more than glad to see it.  As bad as I want to buy some of those names, I am willing to trade missing out on the names in exchange for names reaching high prices. It increases the value of all our portfolios. When I say all, I mean dot com owners. Enjoy the list of domains.  I’ll add a few more names early in the morning if you want to check back.

Snuffy.com The kind of name that’s easy to remember and say.  Also the name of my neighbor’s dog back in 1978 for those that are interested.  This one is from 1996

Tweet.tv Twitter has been pretty nice about leaving these names alone if they are adding to the twitter experience

10d.com One of my daily three character names that is an easy flip.  This one is one of the better names just because of the round number.1997 registration

Kote.com Doesn’t pass the radio test. Actually fails it miserably .  Still a CVCV that will most likely sell for more than $1500

Tio.org Some people like it because it’s a 3 letter dot org, others because it means uncle in Spanish

GamingTrends.com I can tell you trends.  Buy any name with “Game” or “Ville” in the domain

WildZone.com Real brandable domain and I’ve been known to step into the wild zone.  Yeah ,once I stayed up until midnight.  I’m crazy like that

DomainTender.com No bids so I thought somebody here might want this thing.  2000 registration

CustomWatch.com 900 searches for this and the dot org is available (gone soon).  My custom watch is called a cellphone

FireplaceDVDs.com Ahh the warm and cozy feeling of snuggling up to the visual effects of the plasma tv.  I miss winter already

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