The Daily List of Auction and Dropping Domains 9/14 PageRank.Org

Sep 15 2011

Before I get to this post I have to add one piece of financial information.  It’s not advice, you can and should make your own decisions with your money.  That being said, how a person wouldn’t have some investment in Apple is beyond me.  You have to be oblivious to the world around you not to see they dominate technology.  A sector that is one of the very few with tremendous growth.  And they own it.   Of course things could change but in the meantime it’s been easy money over the last few years and I can’t see any reason it won’t continue in the future.  I don’t have all my eggs in one basket but the Apple basket is a little bigger than my others.   But I also LOVE domains and here are the ones I like today. Yes I’m all over this one. I wouldn’t even list it but there are already enough bidders that it won’t matter. Perfect name for a Pokemon card trading platform. I imagine you could do other things with it as well. Not a perfect domain because people will type in Burp but a very nice name. Anyone still care about PageRank? Repeating numbers are a nice addition to the portfolio. You know why I shop Oregon?  Not sales tax Fantastic name for a dropbox type application. These are the type of names that sell for thousands to the right buyer. Not the best name of the day but game domains always seem to do well. No bids for this training tracker.  See ,pretty much describes what it would do. I HATE the .cc extension but if it has any ability to be recognized on google then $100 no reserve price is fair. That $20 CPC and 3500 searches makes me forget it’s a dot net. All for $69

Chris’ Pick Want to build a niche site that will rank pretty easily? Here is your domain. No bidders right now.

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