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The Friday Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Good morning.  If yesterday’s sale of didn’t get you excited about domain investing then nothing should.  That was a heck of a sale that came out of nowhere. The kind we all dream of.  Here’s what I came up with today. You certainly won’t get a $300,000 sale out of any of these but you have to start somewhere. Really?  No bidders here.  You could subdomain this for every Junior High in America Very brandable and for $69 I think this is a good deal This makes the list because it’s a PR6.  And first registered 13 years ago Evidently a semi popular girls name and yet I’ve never known a girl named Lissy in my life.  I knew a guy named Lispy but I think that was a speech thing and not his real name. Tough way to make a living but you think that is hard?  Trying buying a name from Frank Schilling cheap. Japanese city Certainly worth $69.  Comparison site in the waiting 4 letter repeating.  It’s like 2008 all over again 97 bidders so won’t go cheap

On a side note.  I think may be one of the most valuable domain names on the planet right now. I looked it up on DomainTools at couldn’t believe it wasn’t even registered until 2000

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4 Replies to “The Friday Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks”

  1. Sometimes DomainTools misses the earlier years of domain registrations for some reason.

    A look-up of at shows it has pages from December 1996. Interestingly, it was already back then an ISP called Cloud City…

  2. Man… like were not that hard to reg in 2000. A domain like that, depending on the seller, could be bought for $100 or less.

    These domains were still being grabbed back then and dropped like crazy with no way to monetize them easily.


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