The Labor Day Special Daily Dropping Domains

Sep 06 2010

To Americans hope you have a nice day off work (if you get it) to everyone else in the world,  Happy Monday.  The drop market has been dry lately (saying it lightly) and not a ton of great names today but here are a couple I like

PS. I absolutely hate Godaddy’s auction done in ajax (I think) every time you click on the “bid” button you have to redo your search I think I’m going to buy this name and put up a site challenging people to get things done.  I probably wait until tomorrow to start on it though Yes, not a generic but for someone looking for and easy to remember email or domain name, this is pretty good for under $100 Perfect eCommerce, Mini site, Epik site or whatever they’re calling them now Nice CPC and 22,000 searches Godaddy is getting a little fishy with their domain auctions. This one is at $1100 already with 148 bids.  Decent name but getting a lot of play here 20 second videos?  I know I’m really digging deep here, sorry

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