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The Monday Morning Daily 7 Links

Took a break from domaining this weekend and it appears like a lot of people did from looking at the traffic.  For some domainers, the traffic is going to slow down but for others, the shopping season is THE time to make some money.  I hope to be the latter. Now on to the morning links

Ebay really needs to do something about people using their site for free links. $21 million, really?

11 Handy Tools for Website Analysis

This creeps me out a little bit.  Although I thin Sarah Palin is hot

Linked-in is worthless

Build your entrepreneurial confidence

I’m not a shill but this is a great site for making gifs

How to snap up that username on Twitter you’ve always wanted, even if it’s taken

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  1. Just tried the twitter uername trick and got this email from twitter: “Twitter is not currently releasing inactive user names. We’re working on a better long term solution for this, and we should have more news soon.” Oh well.

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