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The Tuesday Morning Daily 7 Links

Nov 24 2009
Tuesday is always media day for me.  It’s the day I’m on ABC to talk plants.  Each time I get a little more practice in front of the camera and share my love and knowledge for all things ...
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The Friday Morning Daily 7 Links

Nov 20 2009
Sorry about missing the links yesterday.  Flew into DC and got in late.  Tried to do it in the morning but the old iPhone AND the computers were dead and somehow left BOTH chargers on the table at ...
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Monday Morning Daily 7 Links

Nov 16 2009
    I had a pretty busy weekend.  I built the pond you see to the left, redesigned domainshane,  and put up a website.  It was the first weekend I had some free time in 6 months so I thought I would put ...
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The Thursday Morning 7 Links

Nov 12 2009
I would like to thank everyone who have stopped by.  I hit 2000 uniques so far this week which is already a new high.  Not quite the 100K a week of my old but just getting the feel of everything.  ...
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The Morning 7: Laugh and Learn

Nov 09 2009
Every morning from this point on I will start the day with 7 links to things I think are either really funny or interesting.  Some may have something to do with domaining and some may not.  I’ll ...
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