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The Original Friday’s Daily Domain Auction Picks and Drops

I appreciate everyone that comes here each day to take a look at the list I put out.  I realize there are other choices in your daily domain drop choices and thank you for letting me be a part.  HA! pretty good huh?  Made it sound like a bad Tv commercial.  Joking aside, some of the names on the daily list have fetched some incredible prices. is at $7200 and is at 12,100 both ending today.  But those aren’t the names we’re looking for.  We want the names for $200 and then sell them for those prices.  Here’s what we have today.  Decent but nothing outstanding. There’s a line of steakhouses that would love to have this name It’s a dictionary word so I put it here. Can’t think of a monetization strategy Same as above but this one is going to go cheap Don’t let the recent warm up fool you, winter is still here and people buy tons of gloves because they always lose one.  Of course only girls call them mittens Nice domain for a human resource company to own 1,000 searches $7.82 CPC For $60 I think you’ve done pretty well here. The goal of a site is to have a domain that people will remember or will give you credibility.  I love this name.  Funny and memorable I’m not sure I believe the 10,000 monthly visits but I do love the fact it’s first page top five for Forex bids It comes up as available but we all know it’s not but it’s still fun to backorder it and dream that they accidentally gave it to us. 101 bidders so it will be too expensive for me.  But you’re rich so go get it This has to be a heck of a business or then again people may just throw them away

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Love the soupfork! Phones are like printers now – cheaper to just buy a new one… almost that way with the printer/cartridges – you can buy a brand new printer for what you can buy replacement cartidges for – at least for cheap printers anyway. Nice list though.

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