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Sexy Photos of the DomainShane/ T-Shirt Giveaway Winners/Models

You didn’t know there was a DomainShane T-Shirt giveaway?  I don’t just give them away, I make you work for them. was nice enough to make up shirts and although a bit smaller than we hoped, they are very special.  The other day I wrote an article about QR codes and if you scanned the code on the front of the article you would have noticed that it said that if you wrote “Shane I want a T-Shirt” in the comments, the first ten people would get shirts.  Eight people figured it out and the shirts were sent. I got a few photos back of a few of the winners and I must say they are sexy.  I present you photos of the first two Domain Shane models.

PS Don’t worry, I’ll be giving a lot more shirts away soon. Big Jumbo and I are going to have a very fun contest coming up soon as well and thanks Tom and Oscar for being good sports.

Domain Spotlight:

6 Replies to “Sexy Photos of the DomainShane/ T-Shirt Giveaway Winners/Models”

  1. Congrat to winners.
    Shane, do you have a parking page demo at Big Jumbo, I can’t find it on their website, I want to see how it looks how ads placements are… compare to their competitors.

  2. Congrats to the winners! If Oscar don’t stay out of the gym, he’s going to have to pass that shirt down to me! 🙂

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