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The Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate to Park My Domains: A Response to Howard’s Post

Howard Neu had a great post entitled “10 Reasons Why I Love to Park My Domains“.  While I’m glad to hear that people are still having success parking domains, I, on the other hand, make just enough revenue each month from parking my domains to actually pay for 10 minutes on a parking meter.  Here is my “Ten Reasons Why I Hate to Park My Domains”

10. My parking revenues are so low that Sedo actually sends me a bill for hosting

9.  When I looked for an alternative for parking I asked Francois to list my names but he said he would have to start a new website called

8. My landing sites look exactly like a landing site.  I’m not positive but some may say “You’ve Taken A Wrong Turn, Head Back” on the top of the page.

7. I feel guilty stealing all the pens at the trade shows.  You can’t imagine the shame I felt taking the giant case of aluminum covered notebooks at the Traffic conference

6. Parties?  My only chance of getting in any of the parties is clinging to Chef Patrick or pretending like I’m Merlin Kaufmman’s Dad

5. It’s hard to make much money when most of my parked domains are 4 letter dot coms.  Not a lot of people searching for HDDH

4. If everyone’s domains brought in as much money as mine,  Skenzo would have to have 4000 customer’s monthly revenue to pay for the night at the nightclub (they DID treat me very well despite, I highly recommend)

3.  I get super excited to see the email “You Have Received an Offer” …….then I open it and see “Do you accept $100 for this domain?”

2.  I don’t even know how to pronounce my parking company.  Really SEE-DO  or SAID-O?  Way too confusing

1.  and the number one reason why I hate to park my domains………I frickin hate coming to a parking page when I’m looking for something on the internet

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12 Replies to “The Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate to Park My Domains: A Response to Howard’s Post”

  1. You know something…..if Google and Yahoo would allow nice parked pages with relevant content, folks would like parked pages.

    It’s intentional that they make our sites look like shit. And yet, they still can’t kill us or the direct navigation.

    So….they have been practicing conquer and divide… not allowing certain domains in or saying some great generic domain is not converting…..etc…

    Mostly all is fuc*ing lies by G and Y !

  2. Sedo parking sucks. I have moved all my parking to Results are great. what I earned at sedo in one year, I earned it in about a month at whypark. And now they have the domain apps that spice up the websites even more. Right now I am with their free account. I have about 350 domains with them. If I choose their $10/month or $25/month plan, I can get unique content, pictures, comments mderation, your own ads. etc. as well – which I am thinking of doing as I am making quite more than $25/month with them. They give you quite some options to customize your site even on the free account to improve SEO etc. I did not customize my sites at all, just droped in the list of my domains…. and its making me way more than sedo.
    I have even identified 10-15 domains for potential development projects based on their earnings and traffic. I have only been with them for a little over 3 months, and the revenue and traffic keeps growing. You should check them out. Its free and there is nothing to loose.
    I am not putting my affiliate link here… I believe its disrespectful.

    1. I appreciate your opinion. I’ll put the other side though. Sedo will get you a heck of a lot more offers for your domain. Whypark seems to be getting dropped from pagerank. I have had more than a few comments from others saying that google dropped the sites hard. I use both and think they both have their value. Whypark’s certainly has made strides forward. This was supposed to be funny though and you’ve brought down the mood

  3. “make just enough revenue each month from parking my domains to actually pay for 10 minutes on a parking meter”

    LOL – That’s great!

    Good on you Shane for giving an open, honest viewpoint.

  4. I am with viqi … I have a little over 400 domains at WhyPark – the one linked from this comment is a WhyPark domain.

    I do not consider WhyPark a parking platform so much as a developing platform. However – that being said it appears Google does NOT like WhyPark 🙁

  5. I left all parking companies about a year ago. Tired of getting screwed on the money. True, you do get the most offers on Sedo, but I wasn’t getting enough offers (or parking rev) to pay for the hard costs associated with annual reg fees, so I we moved some to (doing better than Sedo, but that’s not saying too much) and put the rest on our own platform we just released. We’re also going to test a few on People seem to be doing really well with their product and business directories. Best advice, concentrate on a vertical or a niche (geo, product, directory, lead gen) and build your own platform.

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