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Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Picked up one of the bigger domains I’ve purchased in the last 5 years yesterday.  Won’t say what it is until it’s officially in my account. Of course, it’s a plant name and it’s the most popular plant I sell so I should be able to monetize it very easily.  Also, thanks to everyone who have either given me the heads up for 5Ls and plant names that are either dropping or for sale.  It’s been very helpful.  Now, onto the names A domainer’s domain so it will probably fetch top dollar Nice $11 CPC and a $19,000 valuation from 5400 searches and lots of ads.   Would make a nice eCommerce site A $7 CPC and 1200 searches.  Not very many bidders (yet) so could go at value. I know it’s a dot org but really good keywords here.  Worth a try As I’ve said many times, color plus noun always seems to fetch good prices. Especially when the noun is an animal or clothing

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5 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains”

  1. Is it me or are the domain drops the worst they have ever been?

    I’m shocked how all the drop houses have such a lack of inventory now. It seems to me it started really drying up three or four months ago and has not returned.

    Could it be that drops are finally drying up? Slim pickings these days.

    1. I agree, except for a few hidden gems, there aren’t nearly as many good names dropping. Get used to it. The Internet is a growin

  2. It’s interesting b/c it was like somebody flipped an on/off switch this March/April…… and now it is Off ……LOL.

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