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The Web is Fun: 10 Creatively Funny or Just Plain Awesome Websites

Two Guys, one mission.  To pee on the welcome sign to all 50 states.  Anyone can visit 50 states or run a marathon in every state but these are the first two to water the fauna at every border A pretty funny play on words.  It’s a simple one page lander but had me laughing for longer than I should have Gives a whole new meaning to long tail keyword.  By the end of the pictures you’ll probably agree

. If you have websites you’ll love this site.  Think of it as “shit my Dad says” for Web Designers and Coders You know him, the guy from “Between Two Ferns” and “The Hangover”   It’s not that the site is all that great but you have to read the source code. The guy’s even funny in his source code At first I thought it was a joke but yup, there’s a dating site for people that share the same disease.  Notice the choice “no preference” as in “any disease is cool with me, I have them all” Amazing Apartment finder.   You put in your work address and boom there’s a map of the closest apartments. One of the greatest websites on the net.  My daughter is one several hours a week.  You play, people get food. Simple, Constantly Updated, Creative

And Finally.  Does this Nigerian Domain Registrar’s Site fill you with confidence that’s you’re going to get your domain?

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