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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Picked up a pretty good name the other day.  I own coneflower dot com, dot net, and now I have dot org.  Picked it up $12 on Godaddy on a drop yesterday.  And to think the original owner turned down a much better offer from me a few years ago.  I try and own all of the “Big Three” of my plant names and this year I’ve picked up a ton of the non dot coms in the drop market.  It looks like I’m the only one making money on plant names……….and I hope it continues so I can keep picking them up cheap.  Now onto the names One of the few PR6 domains that have come up for sale recently.  Will easily reach $1K My favorite 4L of the week.  At $715 already  Plenty of uses but I keep thinking meat and Elvis.  I must be hungry A PR5 with 5,000 links.  Amazing how much money you can make with “FREE” stuff Great name for a age guessing site See if you can not think about “A River Runs Through It” The perfect name for Fusible’s proxy server

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  1. How about a blog post about making money with plant names (for those that don’t own or operate a nursery).

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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