The Weekend’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping

Nov 19 2011

Another day of beach and sun.  I feel like Frank Schilling minus the money, domains,  and the ever changing hair color.  I had a little time before I completely smother myself in aloe vera and go watch a sunset so I put together a little list for you. Enjoy They already have these.  Not that I would know but I think I heard it somewhere.  If you sell it there could be a hell of a negotiation process. Will fetch over $3K, maybe 5 Sounds like a product so I think it has value. 1999 Birthday

Repo.Me Verbs and dot me get along real well. I think I may take this one Gender reveal party name or question you might have after a night in Thailand. Great price for a two letter dot net Converter would could you tens of thousands.  Putting an a in front costs you tens.

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  1. Trico

    “I feel like Frank Schilling minus the money, domains, and the ever changing hair color. ”

    Hey, don’t forget the…”and the Rum Cake”.


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