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The Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping From Around the Net

Well, that year went fast.  Time to start another.  A special thanks to for letting me use their tool for free.  It really has served me well. Now onto some names I like that are up for grabs this weekend. Just because you call it a gas station doesn’t mean this isn’t valuable.  The UK and Singapore call them petrol stations.  I wonder if they have 120 OZ drinks there too. Not exactly how I would type it out but 1500 searches and $14 CPC.  $14,000 at I hated stepping into the FriendZone in college but the namezone?  Sounds like a nice place to buy domains. I like these type of names.  People tend to not like X domains but they are pronounced just like a Z. Then again that might be the problem.  I still like it. I like my domains exactly the opposite of how I like my ladies aged.  But 17 years old in domain age is fantastic, 17 years old in girls will get you a guest role on “To Catch a Predator” and 15-20 years. Good letter LLLL.coms are hitting the market now that prices have picked up.  Only took 3 years to start rising again. Schilling has the plural.  This will be MUCH cheaper Hate is a strong word but “dislike” would make this domain much less funny. 2001 domain with no bidders.  Not that I expected any I’m not sure how much toilet info I really want “With him/he”r in Spanish and many other places and businesses.  Nice short name Already at $500. Hot hot niche right now. is coming up soon on Namejet as well.  Money money I think your friend Betsy would like this for her birthday You’ll make a little money off the dyslexic kids that are looking for Santa I heard this was the next OS for Android.  What are you laughing at?  It’s a better name than ice cream.

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  1. I am selling theses domains.
    [email protected]

    Edit: Reginald,

    This is not dnforum. Comments are meant for commentary not for placing your domains for sale. Please respect the rules of the Internet.

  2. As always, great tips for expiring domains and auctions, I have picked up a couple over the last few months that you have brought to my attention.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you all the very best for 2012


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