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Bob Parsons Channels His Inner Hulk Hogan For New York Times Interview

This flew a little under the radar I suppose but GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons recently did an interview with the New York Times that posted yesterday on their site. The article is entitled ‘Bob Parsons Doesn’t Do Subtle’ and covers such topics as the recent KKR/Silver Lake take-over, Bob’s current role with the company, his abnormally large earring, big titties, bald eagles, and why hunting is a good thing. You can view the entire interview here.

Take note at how many times Bob calls the interviewer ‘Brother’, ala pro wrestling great Terry Gene Bollea. No doubt Bob got pumped up for this interview by watching a replay of the Hulkster bodyslam Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III.

“So whatcha gunna do when Hulkamania and my 24″ pythons run wild on you?!?!?!!?” – Bob Parsons

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5 Replies to “Bob Parsons Channels His Inner Hulk Hogan For New York Times Interview”

  1. Please do not give this goon any more publicity, i can’t stand the man, i did not watch the video , i know all i need to know about this pathetic excuse of a human being, What a complete knobhead.

  2. Bob,

    We’re actually trying to give Hulk Hogan some publicity but had to throw in Parsons because it’s a domain blog. We would prefer to do an all 80’s Charlotte area wrestling blog if we thought we could get the numbers. But Rick Steamboat and Superfly Snuka just don’t bring ’em in like they used to.

  3. I am all for Hulk publicity, i for one would not care if it was a blatant Hulk Hogan plug, it’s your blog and it’s the Hulkster for goodness sake, no need to crowbar Parsons in.

  4. Not to change the subject, but did you ever see the documentary about Andre the Giant?

    One great true story that sticks out is when he was at a bar one time and four guys kept teasing him and saying he really was, “not all that tough”. Well, he chased them out of the bar and they took cover in their car. He went over to the car, lifted it up on one side and flipped the car over with the four guys in it.

    The police came and they told the cops, “A big man lifted the car up and flipped us over!!!” I would have loved to see the look on the cop’s face.


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