The Weekend’s Pick of Domains at Auction or Dropping Across the Net

Nov 26 2011

I made it home and wasn’t robbed.  I have always been told not to post about vacation while you’re on vacation because people will rob you.  I figured my 180 pound Great Dane would probably take care of the house.  While I’m not sure he would actually kill anyone,  I wouldn’t want to be the stranger that tries to enter his space while we’re away and tries to find out.  We took the red eye back and and I slept the entire 9 hour flight.  It was like I took a time machine home. Entered a plane woke up for a 30 minute switch in San Fran and woke up in Chicago.  All without drugs or alcohol.  There are many things I’m thankful for but one of them is the ability to sleep any where, any time.  Now onto some names that caught my eye this weekend. Not just shoes……fancy shoes Great name.  Probably would have passed by a couple of people if not on this list.  If you saw it , I apologize You could do a lot with this dot info.  Big keyword I’ll take a guess and say it goes for $1200 1996 Birthday.  Last name, city or nice sounding domain.  I would rather own gridly though It’s the kind of name that attracts all males attention.  How nasty could it be? they’ll ask.  1997 Birthday and just a few bidders I’ve stated before I can’t figure out how to monetize these but they always seem to sell.  Also Already at $500.  I like the name Pronounceable 4 letter dot com.  Kind of cool sounding as well. A little similar to Big Lots but then again that may be why it has value.  1999 Birthday, no bidders Another nice 3 letter dot net Plenty of resale value in this one I’ve been to one of these.  I think they’re going to catch on

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