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A Thanksgiving Gift From Adam Dicker: $1.00 Godaddy Domain

Adam was nice enough to share a code with his friends on Facebook.  It’s  a $1.00 domain ($1.18 after ICANN’t fee).  He says it’s good for the first 10,000 registrations and only one per account so it’s still good and should be for at least a few more hours so I thought I would share it.  Call it regifting

The code is blackone.

I picked up

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Got with it. A few global colleges with the acronym SR. is available for whoever wants it.

  2. Worked like a charm. Thanks, Shane and HapPy Thanksgiving. I used it for


    So, any Insurance company that can double coverage amount for the same premium can rake in clients with this name, and should contact me.

  3. You can try also “LEAVES” for $1 regs and “cjc500v” or “IAP500v” for $5 regs. Sorry but won’t share what I regged yesterday 😉

  4. Thanks Shane…and Adam.

    The nice thing about these $1 coupon codes is you can register a domain maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise.

    You can’t wait for a domain you’d really like to have as the deal will most likely be gone.

    I took:
    IntenseKarate .com

  5. I just grabbed, because, ummm…. I like the name Jenna? And ALOT of other Planet + Name domains were taken, so, maybe there’s something to it…. I know, I know, here it comes…. Jenna Jameson is a trademark, you cant use that, squatter, etc. NO, Jenna is a first name and you can’t TM that. I’m aware I can’t use/sell/squat on her stuff, so no comments needed. This is a decent name that will surely sell for more than $1.18 Especially if Vivid or JJ want it. The kicker is, I grabbed too, so I spent more than I should’ve. Black Friday marketing even works on the internet damnit!

    They get you in the door, then you spend more…..

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