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There Are Some Great Domaining Articles Across The Web Today

A little more time today to go through the news and there are a few really good articles out and rather than do the silly rehash thing and add my own spin I’m just going to link to them

5 Reasons Why Travel Companies Should Fly Towards Domains

Great Interview with Drew Sharma, owner of,,,

It’s funny, Protrada doesn’t advertise with me any more (spot at the top of each post still available 🙂 but they do have to important news out  They have dropped their prices to next to nothing.  I always thought their price and learning curve was their big issue.  They’ve taken the pricing problem out.

Beverages, Cars, and Godaddy.  Look who have already purchased Superbowl ads

I loved this story about a Grandfather starting a granola company but cringed at his domain choice

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  1. Love this Drew Sharma quote: “You can go a year and a half just shoving coal into the fire without getting anything in return”

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