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Thursday’s Thanksgiving Festival of Domain Picks

To all the American readers, Happy Thanksgiving.  To everyone else, have a nice Thursday.  Today is one of those days when we back away from the Internet and reflect on all the good things that life has given us.  Our friends, our family, and tally all the money and items we’ve been able to purchase compared to other people.  Then again I might have this Thanksgiving thing all wrong.  In all seriousness, enjoy the day, spend time with your family and call the ones you can’t.  Here are today’s names. A bit seasonal but pretty sure there would be a ton of work in December Great letters for an acronym.  Unusual Women of Orlando? Already 101 bidders Only 75 bidders on this one Somebody buy this and give it to Tia Wood for Christmas Not real valuable but high search volume Great business name.  I imagine with a little patience you could easily move this name.  10 year old domain And yet another 3 letter dot net Better choice than I’m pretty sure people are buying plenty of these.  The fat guy that sat next to me on the plane this week should have bought two

Domain Spotlight:

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