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There is A Domain Shane Impostor From Singapore


We found the culprit and he says it was a friend that did it and apologized.  I am going to take his word as leave it at that

He was using the XYDomains account of his friend on Namepros

I say enough stupid things that I don’t need another person using my name around the net saying even more but it looks like I have a fan. The person is using DomainShane or Shane on the domain blogs and Ray at Hybrid Domainer was nice enough to point it out today. The ip addresses are and The same ip address has been used on my address and I believe Elliot’s as well calling me a liar.  I just wanted to make sure others in our industry realize that although they may see a comment with my name it may not be me.  He is also using an email I don’t use.

I don’t mind being called a liar but I do mind the impersonation.  It’s just another reason why blogs like TheDomains have gone to a verification system for blog comments.  If any other bloggers have some ip history to place a name to these IPs,  I’d love to give the young man a little publicity.

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    1. RatHead,

      You aren’t using my line. My magic watch says you’re not wearing underwear. When she says she is you reply. “Must be 30 minutes fast”

  1. Shane, remove this post and all the comments now.

    My friend used my email, namepros account, computer and phone to scold you without me knowing. There are reasons behind his actions.

    I am the one who informed you about that you bought and sold on auction recently. You can check with me regarding this matter by emailing me. I got all our emails with me.


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