SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 8th

Oct 08 2012

TRAFFIC has started and today’s the day.  The day when we find out if the live domain auction is back.  I’m going to say no but I hope it goes well.  I am a phone bidder on one name.  Not a high flying name but a name I do like if the price is right.  Speaking of the price being right.  Here are a few names I like today  Mmmmm  The musical fruit.  17 years old 16 years old and pretty much describes what the site would be about Ironically the countries that call it soccer are the countries that don’t watch too much soccer. But it will only grow as will the number of people watching sports on the net  Great letters and W is always nice for TV and radio Nice pronounceable I’m thinking $500-600.  Limited to fonts but I think people still sell fonts  13 year old LLLLcom  You’ve heard me say I don’t normally do NNN.orgs because the Chinese have no interest in dot orgs but this is a pretty strong number so I think it’s worth buying  Same here  You get a state and several cities with this one   Me gusto mucho  I like LLN better but these always move well  I like this as well.  8 years old  First name and 381,000 results. NO bidders   I still like it again.  Went for $1500 on 9/28  A good brand but would like to see less bidders as a buyer.  I thought I could steal it.


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