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This Is What Jesus Looked Like in 2001, That Is

The story behind this is pretty funny. Some may have been offended by the humor on the original but it made me laugh when it first went up.  The owner of looks to have leased the name to others for a few years and then all hell broke lose.  The site changed to a “Date Jesus” site with the owner (who registered the name because he thought he looked like Jesus), trying to find a love interest. Eventually, like all comedians, had to take the bit too far because the old joke got boring.  Jesus flipping the finger T-Shirts and other sacrilegious items started being offered for sale and the site died.  I decided to look back at and forgot the funniest section, the “Bathe With Jesus” section.  It had the followingjesus-dot-com

Young women interested in bathing with Jesus can now have their dream come true. Not only will you make a new friend, but you will be supporting good hygiene and benefiting the environment by conserving water. There are no strings attached except that a picture of us, suitable for family viewing, will be taken and placed on this web site as a lasting tribute to our determined efforts at cleanliness.

All requests from young women in the DC Metro area will be considered. Women from out of town will have to handle their own travel provisions, though a guest room is often available if needed. In most cases Jesus will be available and eager to speak to you about spirituality if desired. If you are not spiritual, Jesus will share a beer and pleasant existential banter.

How can you win? Inquire withing by telling a little about yourself and why you’d make a good bathing partner for Jesus.

You must be 18 or older to enter. Shower can be exchanged for bubble bath upon request.

Then in 2005 the site suddenly took on a new look.  Metropolitan Community Churches apparently purchased the name and redirects to their site.  They appear to be a Mega Church and even offer airline miles for donations so they obviously have money.   It was a private transaction but no doubt it was for good.  With selling recently for almost $125,000, itt certainly is a million dollar name and a HUGE asset for the church.  The dude with the long hair and a ton of money in his pocked,  silently moved over to and to this day seems to still be seeking a love interest.

Domain Spotlight: