A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

There’s some great deals on the board today.   No they might not be the highest quality domains but they are all certainly worth more than the $10-$50 they are at now

Smashproof.com With no bidders this domain is certainly worth more than $10.  3500 searches helps

SkypeConferenceCalls.com 590 Searches and a $21 CPC make this $10 a good deal

Understatement.net A good dictionary term.  No bidders Saying this will go for a good price is an understatement.

Modelboat.net Not quite the modelairplane type domain but 27,000 searches help.   A good pickup at $10

Irsi.com Pronounceable 4L .  32 Bidders

ClassicFords.com A modest 885 searches, but I do like the name

SteamboatColorado.net A nice geo with no present bidders.

DurangoColorado.org Same as above

Domain of the Day: