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This Post WILL Make it in the Newsletter

The editors of DomainGang wrote a piece today describing how “their” work seem to be under appreciated by Francois when it comes to the daily links provided in his daily newsletter.  For some reason the comments are closed so I will “educate” the masses on how business and life works.

The beauty of owning a business is you get to do what you want when it comes to who supplies your product.  There are a lot of things that are difficult to deal with from long hours, to financial worries, and often employees.  With the bad come the good.  One of the good is you can make the calls. Wrong or right, it’s your business and you can do whatever you want within the constraints of the law. Customers can complain, suppliers can not. That being said, if Francois wants to only put articles about cookie related domains on his feed every day he can. Nobody will sign up or read it, but he can.  If he wants to drop a feed from he can.  It is his site to do whatever he wants.  If someone is not happy with a business then don’t do business with them.  That is YOUR right.  Nobody is obligated to provide content to We are not being paid in anything but traffic.  To complain that it’s not enough is a bit odd to me. If you don’t like what someone is doing with the product you give them, then don’t supply it.  Especially product you are giving for free.

I like the editor of Domain Gang, he is a good guy.  His sense of humor simply does not appeal to many.  I am one of the people that don’t understand the humor in the posts.  It doesn’t make me like HIM any less, just the articles.  I just don’t get them.  I am one of those that is confused. As much as some people may like Greece, I would imagine that the target audience for Greek related domain humor articles to be 1 person. To call me uneducated or lacking a sense of humor because I don’t like a style of comedy is naive and wrong. I am not one of those people that is insecure in their thoughts and have to add others that share the same thoughts to my arguments. If I don’t enjoy something it is neither right nor wrong, it is merely my opinion.  But there are probably others that do.

There are bloggers that are proud that most of their traffic DOESN’T come from  I value the traffic more than Google traffic and I’ll tell you why.  The people that come from Domaining tend to be truly interested domain investors.  They are the people I am trying to reach.  The person that comes to my site because of an article I wrote about a social or popular event is not my target audience.  Total numbers are for show, domain investor readers are for dough.

My last piece of advice for all bloggers would be this.  Write articles for your target segment.  Have a little fun and be off topic every once in a while, but try and keep it related.  Writing a piece that is popular headline related and adding in “they don’t have this domain” is writing for Google not for a domain investor.  The Internet is a big place.  A blog gives you the privilege of reaching billions of people.  It also means millions will not like your work.  Many will take the time to let you know it.  You will need to grow a thick skin.  If you are a defensive person and lack the confidence in what you do, you are going to have some sleepless nights. People can be mean, very mean.  Comment sections can be the most rewarding and the most depressing part of your site.  Closing them only reiterates that you are not writing for the people but only yourself.

I’ve always said that Domain Gang is the hardest working blog on the Internet.  5 or more posts a day.  Unfortunately the hard work is lost on me and Francois.  That doesn’t make us wrong.  It means I like a different style of comedy and Francois is trying to keep his newsletter on topic.



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  1. I enjoy some of the DomainGang posts but you do provide some excellent points. Francois should be able to run however he wants. Well said.

  2. Which “masses” will you be educating, Shane? And how many inaccuracies does your post contain, I wonder. Let’s start with your claim that the humor of DomainGang does not appeal to many. You can only talk about what appeals to you, leave others outside of it. Traffic and acclaims from common readers and sponsors tell a different story.

    I pointed out both at and at why Francois Carrillo – for whom I do design work quite often – seems to have it all wrong.

    I simply asked for fair and square treatment of my blog, something that does not happen, as DomainGang headlines that get the clicks, won’t make it to the Domaining newsletter.

    But I will tell you this: Francois told me that your daily posts about expiring or auction domains won’t make it either. So if you still believe that I’m on the opposite side of your interest, think again.

    As you stated, writing should not be made with as the audience. This is 100% accurate and has nothing to do with the reason behind my public complaint. But it’s about time that we talk things about the way they are, not how we imagine them to be.

    I’m the first one to say that everyone should run their business as seen fit. That goes both with Francois and me: I don’t have to change how I deliver my news, posts, information, humor or rants. Since Francois provides only a fraction of the media I utilize to share my content, I am able to speak out about this controversy. If I depended on to get traffic, I would be keeping quiet right now – or I’d be riding on other people’s posts, as you do right now.

    1. Acro,

      Sorry. Let me rephrase that. There are many that don’t find it funny. Why in the world would my daily picks make his newsletter? They absolutely aren’t worthy AND they are from auctions and bids that ended the day before. I would never think that, nor complain that they aren’t. I am happy he allows them on the feed at all. Simply, if your posts were worthy of being on the daily newsletter they would be on there. If Francois thought that his readers would benefit from their content he would list them.

      PS: I have no problem riding on posts. You’ve been riding on Rick Schwartz’ name for years.

      PSS: Do a poll. Do you find Domain Gang funny? I can guarantee you don’t want that to be one of your daily polls. I’m not sure you would like the results. Too real

  3. I don’t get domain gang humour either,infact I find your humour to be the funniest of all blogs I read.
    I don’t want to get all sycophantic and turn this into a domainking style love fest between author and reader but it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back.

  4. Real nice post and perspective take on ‘Francois’ Business Decision’, Shane. It is his business to do as he sees works best. (now if he’d just limit the number of postings a blog appears every day to 3, that’d be great.)

    And to rephrase your rephrase, “There are VERY many that don’t find DG funny.” Has nothing to do with Acro, just a very much so reality of the humor(?). And the ‘Guess if this is a Humor or Reality Post’ set-up, is a true turn off. (I’m sure I’ll be attacked for noting such, but que sera.)

    It is interesting that the (two) most blocked blogs, are the most vocal that they are being wrongly perceived and singled out for their styles.

  5. It is funny how Acro has been praising all this time. Just look at his posts featuring Francois and all the hard work he claims he has done for the community. Then all of a sudden he’s attacking him for a feed many domainers don’t give a crap about anyway.

    “for whom I do design work quite often”

    Relationships will last until the last penny in piggybank goes empty… Boo-hoo-hoo!

  6. Excellent post Shane. Many a time on other blogs in the comment section, especially thedomains, Acro tells people if they don’t think DG is funny they have no sense of humor.

    Now if so many others are unlike Shane and most of the readers and find DG so funny, Why so few comments ? I read plenty of humor based blogs and funny stuff gets commented on a lot. People don’t read something they think is hilarious and no one comment.

    I agree with Kevin too, if its a humor site, why mix in real stories ? There is no logic but I am sure Acro will say there is. He has a second blog on the site that he can use for real stories.

  7. I do not find any entertainment value in DomainGang posts. That blog is a total waste of time, in my humble opinion. I don’t think it should be in Francios’ email.

    DomainShane, on the other hand, is much more worth the time to read. I read it every day. The auction domain posts save me a lot of time, the humor is funny, and Shane is inspiring.

  8. I agree with Shane overall. I’d like to add that domain gang is a very childish and low quality blog. The humor is anything but amusing, the only reason I read it every now and then is because it appears on

  9. I suspect I would find some of the posts on Domain Gang funny, but I avoid the site. It pisses me off when I start reading what I think is a serious story only to discover halfway through that it’s satire. Domain Gang should be all satire. Mixing it up doesn’t work. I never click on Domain Gang links.

  10. Always pay attention to how a man handles criticism. If the slightest criticism results in a guaranteed fit of melt-down madness, that’s a sign of severe personal insecurity.

    If a man can withstand criticism (or even benefit from it), that’s a much more complete, competent human being.

  11. Just another pathetic chapter in the tragic life of that talentless egomaniac. If he would listen to his pal Rick, and take his own argument to heart, which is to consider cold hard facts, he would realize that the second most blocked feed doesn’t deserve a top spot in the newsletter. The numbers don’t lie. And Francois is well advised not to annoy his subscribers with crap they obviously don’t want to read.

  12. Love the brave comments from anonymous cowards. I’m pretty sure they have humongous balls – measured on a QWERTY keyboard they probably hit “P”, each.

    But I’m not here to proselytize readers for DomainGang, Shane. You have your acolytes and I have mine. The difference is, I don’t come to your blog to tell you that you’re not a funny guy. I’m sure your wife finds you both funny and sweet. TMI.

    Those of you that don’t like my blog, I don’t really care. I don’t like Fox News, and my sense of humor is definitely not American. Nobody forces you to read DomainGang, or

    When it comes down to little variations of the game, I will speak out. Shane, for all the good things that you do, via email, you have a great tendency to undo them when you make posts that talk down on what I do. Again, your group of people have nothing to do with my group of people. If I came here to comment, is because you rode my post. It’s one thing to write parody and another thing to talk shit on someone, thinking that you’ve accomplished something.

    At the end of the day, people met me in person and will do so again at TRAFFIC. I welcome everyone to tell me in person, the ballsy things that y’all are so comfortable spewing behind a keyboard. But I bet you want, because talk is cheap.

    1. Acro,

      You are telling the truth. You are a very nice guy. People like you and should. They are being kind because you are a kind person. As myself, Francois, and tens of bloggers tell you that Domain Gang is confusing and should not mix fake satirical stories with real stories or identify them more easily, you merely call us all names. Stubborness is a trait that hinders growth as much as any I know. I would love to hear from “your people” because not one single person has come to your defense other than BullS. You need better people. And the irony of a man that uses fake names to write and doesn’t use his real name in any blog, self written site, or forum is overwhelming. How can a man that asks me to take down his real name from posts possibly call anyone an anonymous coward? You really need to buy some mirrors. I’m sorry to be so rough on you but everyone needs a reality check every once in while. Anyone who is married gets one every day from their wife.

  13. “But I bet you won’t”.

    And @George, I’d love to see what you do, buddy. What numbers don’t lie, fool? I debunked the numbers argument. So you can now go jerk off to some other post of Shane’s.

  14. The problem with DomainGang, a satire blog, is paradoxically its satire posts. I love “100%” posts because they often contain some readworthy news, but I’ve blocked DG feed because I don’t like the “humorous” posts. I think this is a shared sentiment, as DG has the second most blocked feed in after FragerFactor. Acro, I definitely think you should focus on real/breaking news.

  15. @Joe – thank you for linking to who you are, that makes a difference to me.

    This is probably the 10th post Shane has written about DomainGang “not being funny.” It really gets tiring after a while. Shane and I have gone back and forth like yo-yos via email in the past. I’ve only met the guy once but his obsession with what I do concerns me.

    Regarding blocks on the feed: it’s blocked by 100 people, so what? I get 1,500 unique visitors daily, so do I really care about 100 extra? Think about it.

    It’s a shame if you like reading the “100%” posts and have blocked it due to the parody posts. I don’t plan to make it into yet another domainer blog; I beg to differ in what I do.

  16. Shane – as I said, your obsession with what I do and how I do it, concerns me.

    What I chose to do and how I do it, whether I use my real name or a lame gangster pseudonym, is my choice. If I hadn’t taken that route, I would still be blogging as But what I chose to do was something no-one else did.

    Again, this is not a case of not liking something, it’s insisting that others don’t like it. Well, maybe your posse of readers share the same or partial opinion, but that’s exactly the people who don’t read my blog.

    You just wrote an article about Abdu, and how one should stick to their guns, and I quote: “It takes a special person to stick with something that is on the fringes of popularity.”

    Guess what, that’s exactly what I chose to do for three years now.

    1. Acro,

      I’ll end it here. The difference is Abdu doesn’t complain about his lack of respect or people don’t get it. Whether you use your real name IS your choice but don’t criticize those who do the same, it’s hypocritical. To criticize the man that pays your bills (Francois) was silly. He pays you to do design work for him. He sends you tens of thousands a visitors and you have the audacity to call him out. I figured that in itself needed to be called out. I am not defending Francois, I am defending common sense. You blogs are a shell of themselves without, yet doesn’t skip a beat without The fact that you don’t acknowledge this fact is telling. And yes, I would tell you all this over a beer face to face. I would just make you buy

  17. @Acro @Shane
    I have to go with Shane on this one. I have many #1 rules in life. . One of which is don’t bite the hands that feed you. By the same token, don’t upset a talented designer when you may want to hire him for a future project. Haha. Life just dandy watching a couple of old farts fighting.

  18. Shane – you know that you won’t end it here, because you have nothing better to do. Whenever you are bored, you start poking around, knowing that I will come to defend my creation.

    First off, you totally missed the point of my complaint, as I raised it. The “top headlines” in the newsletter a misrepresentation of the term and I proved it. Second, I’m sure you’d be irate if your headlines were censored if they deserved to be included. That’s the only reasons that I raised the matter publicly.

    Francois does not pay my bills, my friend. Maybe you are confused by something and want to give a wrongful impression of me that borders on slander? If your wife screwed behind your back would you still defend her as the mother of your children? Sorry if the analogy is too harsh.

    Less than 14% of my traffic comes from I made that clear already and have proven it. If you want numbers from Google Analytics I will gladly provide them.

    @Poor Uncle: I think your thoughts are all over the place and you make no sense. Whose hands feeds me? I don’t undertake projects I don’t want to.

    1. God, I can’t resist. One more response. IT IS FRANCOIS’ NEWSLETTER. HE CAN PUT WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS ON IT. What part of that don’t you understand? If Francois pays you any money or gives you traffic for your advertiser HE PAYS YOUR BILLS. You actually thought I meant he pays all of your bills? If Francois want to take you off the feed, leave you off the newsletter, it is his right. You can not sensor something that is not public. This is a private newsletter. It is HIS. I can’t believe I responded and wasted so much time on this one. But you are just SOOO wrong here it was just too easy. Have a nice evening. I am going to go make sure my wife isn’t cheating on me. (yes I do have better things to do but not quite as entertaining)

  19. I am driven by different forces than you, Shane.

    If I see things from your perspective, I guess you are right. But that would make me a dick, and I’m not one.

    Have a good one, see you at your next post about DomainGang and how you don’t care about my humor.

  20. @Shane,

    We don’t intend to sit idly as Francois does as he pleases in the name of domaining industry; already he is over-charging for certain things. If he runs rough-shod over bloggers, I will spearhead a move to let him have his by himself, and another industry standard arbitrage will be set up. You should both end this childishness, and for crying out loud, stop worshiping Francois. The bloggers feed his ass, not the other way around.

    1. Uzoma,

      I agree about quitting the personal fighting. I’m done. We all know you dislike Domaining. The relationship between bloggers and feed site is a whole other discussion. I don’t kiss his ass, I have built a symbiotic relationship. It’s how business should work and this blog is business usually. Tonight it was a High School cafeteria and the 11th grade girls table and for that I apologize.

  21. Uzoma your rants have been going on with Francois for a long time. Be clear and transparent in your problem with Francois.

    This is Shane’s blog who are you to tell him anything ?

    Go start something then come back and talk.

    And someone better learn the definition of slander because Shane did not border on that.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with a DG type site, why it mixes both I cannot understand. IF you have readers that’s all that matters but look every blog in the space has some readers. Someone nominated all they do are lists.

  22. Deano – whenever Shane talks shit about what I do even though he personally promised to me not to antagonize me, I will come here to defend what I do. And who are *you* to tell me I can’t defend my creation, bitch?

    Shane – Yes, a cafeteria and food fight; bring the soylent green you call avocado.

  23. Oh it may seem like a girls table at a High School cafeteria, but the clarifying insights and perspectives that can be gleaned here for the domainers that read this in it’s entirety, ..priceless.

  24. Apologies to deano for that “bitch” comment. I misread your comment. I am very sorry.

    And now, time for a beer or two. Shane, check your email.

  25. No problem Acro I have no problem with you personally.

    Uzoma how many times has Elliot banned you.

    Put up or shut up.

  26. I drew political cartoons for a daily newspaper many years ago. Ronald Reagan was President. I habitually drew him as a doddering old fool who could never remember to put on his pants.

    One day, the editorial page editor told me that his boss (the executive editor) didn’t like seeing Reagan in his newspaper without pants. He ordered me to stop doing it.

    I called it “censorship.” The editorial page editor, who was fine with me drawing Reagan in boxer shorts, told me it wasn’t censorship – it was just the guy in charge exercising his prerogative.

    I’ve been careful about using that word ever since.

  27. I’m breaking my no-comment rule to throw my two cents in. I read both Shane’s and Acro’s blogs (DG included), but not through the Domaining feed.

    I find it interesting that people seem to have overlooked the point of Acro’s original post, which was to point out the discrepancy between how top posts are actually selected, versus the metric on which they’re based. If you say the 4 headlines with the most clicks will be the ones that make it in the newsletter, it should be based on clicks, and clicks alone.

    If you want to be subjective and base it on what you think your readers will or won’t like, then that’s fine – but don’t claim that it’s based on traffic data alone.

    It’s a little like saying the top 4 gymnasts with the highest scores from around the world will be advanced to the finals, then tossing out the 4th score and bumping up the Romanian girl “just because.”

    Some people take pointing out an inconsistency as biting the hand that feeds you, some will see it as shedding light on unfair treatment.

    I think it takes a lot of chutzpah to question or shed light on something a sponsor/client or longterm associate/friend is doing. There are times for biting one’s tongue, but I think the opposite of having one’s balls in a vice and being a sycophant/unable to speak your mind isn’t any better.

    Personally, I think it’s great that DomainGang gives us a way to poke fun at ourselves (we have enough colorful characters, bizarre stories, and high rollers to do it). Acro works tremendously hard and churns out great, creative content every day.

    I do think DG might be even more effective as a satire-only publication, like The Onion, and have mentioned this to him directly. There have been some great investigative posts (about recovered domains, thefts, etc.) that might not have gotten the visibility they would have in a news-only blog or publication.

    Still, the main point of his post was to point out the discrepancy in how Francois was tallying the top headlines.

    Both of these guys have written an incredible amount of material in the last few years, and have achieved a level of consistency I can’t even sniff at. Hats off to you both. Now stop acting like the cast of “Mean Girls” and go resolve your issues.

    1. Nadia,

      One question. Where ever has it been said that it is number of clicks? Francois has always said that he pick the posts he thinks would be of most interest to his newsletter readers. How can personal choice be inconsistent? There is no tally, it’s personal choice. That can’t be wrong or inconsistent. I really do appreciate the comment but you are comparing judged scores in gymnastics to asking a guy which girl he thinks is prettiest.

  28. Maybe you need to tell your fans, readers, friends etc. exactly what you emailed me, Shane. Because if I break the news about the real reason you made this post today, it won’t end nice. So who has biggest balls, you or Francois?

  29. “Top headlines” is not the same as “Francois picks 4 for you!”

    “Top” indicates something that made it out of the rest by means of metrics. And when the metrics produce inconsistent results, they deserve to be outed.

    1. Acro,
      Ha. I’ll save you the trouble. I emailed you and told you that I was doing Francois a favor and defending him. My exact words. I did him a favor. He emailed me and thanked me. I say “you’re welcome” Its what friends and business partners do. The help each other out. His English is not strong enough so I took over. I never said he emailed me to do it. I took the liberty and he was thankful.

  30. Hi, Shane. I don’t know – I appreciate what Francois does, but I like to keep my inbox light, so I currently don’t receive the newsletter or any of the feeds. I navigate directly to the same 4-5 blogs everyday on my phone. I was basing my information off what was in Acro’s original post, but I’m not sure whether the information about the number of clicks was explicitly stated anywhere, or whether it was simply understood between the people who are paying for featured feeds. If Francois has amended his metric and specified that it’s up to editorial discretion, then there shouldn’t be a problem. But the post earlier today made it sound like it was based on an algorithm based on the number of clicks.

    1. Nadia,

      Those are Theo’s words. Francois has never claimed that. Again, ask him and he will tell you that he chooses the top posts that he thinks his readers would benefit from.

    1. He doesn’t do the top posts based on those clicks. Why the hell do you keep saying that he does. HE HAND PICKS THE ARTICLES THAT HE THINKS WOULD MOST APPEAL TO HIS READERS. The click tracking is for paying members to see which articles are being clicked not to choose the articles for the newsletter. Nowhere does it say that but in your mind and nobody cares if it is or isn’t but you. This possibly could be the stupidest conversation in the history of domain blogs. No wonder experienced domainers think the domain blogs are worthless. This is a perfect example.

    1. Acro,

      He is a friend. And that’s what friends do. He gave my blog readers early on. He let me continue to put on my list. I appreciate what he’s done for me. Not kissing ass. You were wrong. He’s done nothing wrong. I wanted to trump your post and put in my two cents. Plain…….and……..simple

  31. Shane, ok, it would appear then, that it is based on editorial opinion. Acro’s interpreting the word “top” more literally than that – I think he would like to see more adherence to the data reflected in the clicks on people’s feeds.

    I can see how Francois would be thinking of “top” as the most interesting or attention-grabbing headlines of the day. If he’s the editor, he gets to curate the content for his readers. If it’s subjective, no one’s going to be 100% happy.

  32. Thank you, Shane. You do have balls to admit that this post was planted by Francois. I appreciate that much, at least, in a man.

    Now, Google “Ephialtes” because that’s your new Greek nickname.

  33. Well, to me Francois told a different story. It’s all at my blog post – the one you didn’t dare knock down, knowing that attacking DomainGang would be an easier target.

    So who used whom today, Francois used your ranting skills to protect himself, or did you use Francois to get eyeballs and pretend you’re doing domainers a favor?

    I think both Francois and you were exposed tonight.

  34. I told you that I’d give you a lesson on trust. The very same trust that you betrayed towards me, when you promised one thing and did another.

    I hope Francois does include this post in his newsletter, because now the game has changed.

  35. I was always under the assumption that top headlines were top clicks. I’m not sure what gave me that assumption. But I am sure I don’t care how picks their top headlines. Francois can choose how he wants to run his website.

    I like DomainGang and I like DomainShane. I can’t stand to see you two arguing. I think you both carry value to the feed in your own way but both of you have delivered a few low blows tonight, imo.

    My suggestion would be to change “Top Headlines” to “Featured Headlines” if it matters this much.

    In the meantime: can’t we all just get along?

  36. Well, Tia – who used to write for DomainGang – perhaps we can’t all just get along, when some of us stir shit on the request of others. Perhaps you need to take a side for once. Or is that too much to ask?

  37. I wrote for Domain Gang about 2 years ago under the handle Giovanni. I wrote about 10 posts – Regardless, am I not entitled to my own opinion?

  38. Uzoma – I met Shane, in person, at TRAFFIC 2010 in Vegas. He was the friendliest guy in the group, even more that Chef Patrick. Over emails and posts, he’s been a total dickhead. We made an agreement several months ago never to step into eachother’s territory again. I don’t see how that agreement holds any water any more, particularly when this ridiculously pointless retort of a post was made on the request of Francois.

  39. I have to agree domaingang seems spammy, and childish at times, no place on a business site like to much other rift raft to go through online, I wouldn’t miss it, just my honest opinion, nothing personal.

  40. Acro, is this you being satirical? lol, it’s funny how you manage to act like a spoilt brat on peoples blogs! Everyone will think you are crazy!

  41. I am sitting on the can reading you guys fighting for the pass 15 minutes. I found it entertaining but I can’t stand the derogatory name calling. That belongs in the can.

  42. Theo, I did NOT asked Shane to post anything, like I did not asked anyone to comment.
    Now it’s true few hours after I discovered his post I sent Shane a short note saying “Thanks to defend me.”
    Like anyone politely will do and like it’s possible I did to you in the past.
    I really don’t like dramas, nor don’t like to expose issues that could be easily be resolved through a constructive and friendly email conversation.

    Since the begining I try the newsletter appear correctly in my iPhone. So I tend to search short titles for each section.
    This is why I used “TOP HEADLINES”, for the section showing what are the “best” headlines of the previous day.
    FYI, in French when you say something is top, this means something is good.
    As it looks to be confusing yesterday I followed Theo suggestion and changed it to “PICKED HEADLINES” after double check what “PICK” means.
    It looks to be a good title that may at the same time clarify how headlines are selected.

    There is a confusion with clicks, headlines, how headlines are selected to be in the newsletter… so let me clarify again:

    My initial idea as you may imagine was to have a newsletter of interest 100% generated automatically.
    Unfortunately it’s impossible to acheive this aim basing the selection of headlines on how many times headlines of unread posts have been clicked.
    What you get is simply horrible, most of the time the worst selection a human may have done!!!

    So I started to pick headlines myself each morning, and trust me, it is a fastidious and long task that is not always easy, but I try to do my best. And the reason why lately when there is no sponsored headline present I simply don’t send any newsletter to save my time!
    The clicks metric help me on my selection to try to find out what the online audience clicked.
    By the way as I told to Theo in the past, it’s not the visible clicks he put as a copy screen in his blog yesterday that I use.
    These clicks can easily be manipulated and he proved me that point developping a script doing that and blogging about it.
    I use an internal counter showing unique clicks of registered users that clicks being logged so I am sure the data is accurate.
    Now this metric has a very limited interest because most viewers don’t read being logged.
    Plus because people still not have read the post so the click does NOT give any information about the quality of a post and if it has been appreciated.

    I confirm again, there is no censorship on Domain Gang (nor any other blog) and in fact sometimes this blog is present.
    Now the number of posts that make the newsletter is limited to 4 so there is a real competition.
    I probably give some advantage to news posts over views posts because I think it’s what mainly people are looking for, get informed about the latest domaining news.

    Because I don’t like readers be missleaded then I tend to pick real stories and stories where the headline match the content.
    Because one never know in advance if a post at Domain Gang is a real story or a parody then this obligates me to read them all.
    And honnestly I don’t have the time nor the motivation to read all the previous day posts each morning, so it’s the main reason I may skip them sometimes, sorry.

    In a side note I repeat to Theo what I have been saying to you many times:
    It’s crazy for me that you put a 100% when it’s real and nothing when it’s invented.
    This makes no sense for me, that should be the inverse or you are missleading your audience.
    Many times people told me about false things they read in your blog that they though were true!
    I always asked me why you do not use your second blog for real stories and Domain Gang for parodies.

    Theo, yesterday I kindly suggested to open a “HUMOR” section in the newsletter where the best humoristic headline of the day will appear (you will have probably jeopardize this section).
    But apparently reading your blog I understood you declined this friendly offer.
    It would have been a good idea because you will have benefit of a larger audience while my audience will have been more comfortable, plus add some humor would have been certainly a plus.

    I suggest that everyone take a deep breath and relativize.
    Today it’s Sunday and I am sure we have all more interesting things to do.

    Have a good day!

    1. Thank you everyone for participating in the entertainment last evening. Thank you to Francois for taking the time to clarify everything. The only reason I was online participating was a friend of mine was running the Leadville 100. Look it up. Its one of the hardest races in the world. 100 miles running through the mountains of Colorado over 24 hours. He is one of the toughest men I know and he didn’t make it. You only have 25 hours to finish and although he ran 25 hours he didn’t complete the course so he was forced to stop. I am thinking of giving it a try. I figured while I watched and waiting for updates I kept responding. To the point it was silly. But its over. I’ve slept and moved on to more important thing this morning like shaving and trying to perfect French toast. Enjoy the day

  43. Thanks for the educational post, Francois. I urge you not to use “Picked Headlines.” That sounds awkward in English. There is nothing wrong with “Top Headlines.” That title does not imply that any particular methodology was used. “Top” works equally well whether you use objective or subjective measurements.

  44. @Acro

    “It’s a shame if you like reading the “100%” posts and have blocked it due to the parody posts. I don’t plan to make it into yet another domainer blog;”

    I’ve blocked it because the funny posts are the vast majority. But of course it couldn’t be otherwise given the nature of the blog.

    As for it being the second most blocked feed, just think this is statistics, it gives you a comparison with other blog feeds.

  45. There are two blogs that I avoid every time on Domain Gang and Frager Factor. Both blogs are a total waste of time and add no value to me.

  46. Acro has definitely lost his way.I thought he was a respected blogger but now he is coming across as a childish fool.Taking criticism is always difficult but calling people dickhead and bitch because of their honest opinions is crazy.Shane has replied to the comments(with some truly funny comebacks) without resorting to derogatory names so Acro you should take a leaf out of his book.And giving Tia Wood, a former colleague, a hard time because she made an honest comment is harsh and wrong.
    Even though 99 out of 100 people will tell him that mixing parodies with serious articles is confusing, I guess changing it now would be defeatist and to be honest its up to him how he wants to do it and in all truth it must be hard work to write a blog.

    But I suspect the main reason that he mixes both articles is that the comedy would not be able to stand on its own and that without the serious articles DOMAINGANG would not have many page views.

    Of course I will be called a Dickhead for saying all of that but as my real name is
    Alan Dickhead JR. it does not really matter.

  47. The only thing that Francois clarified is that his top headlines aren’t based on clicks 🙂 Exactly as I called it.

    And for the rest of the fine Shane gang here, who cares if you don’t read my blog. I hope you enjoy sucking off Shane.

    Shane, you’re a manipulator and I would not trust you ever again.

  48. DomainGang is a stupid web site. No info – all stupid. Theo is an asshole, always has been – always will be Any time anyone disagrees with him or even slightly criticizes, he get all defensive and goes off, calling people names and totally acting like a dick. Boy, you should see some of the forum threads from dnforum from years past. Best thing to do is what I do now. Just ignore him. (And hopefully he will eventually go away).

  49. And the only thing you clarified, Acro, is that you’re a trollish, entitled, crazy person – maybe even borderline bipolar.

    Keep on pretending you don’t care. LOL! “Someone doesn’t like me and my blog or doesn’t share my opinion? Better resort to name calling, distort reality and spread some ridiculous conspiracy theories and factoids.”

    Good thing you make it easy for everybody to read you like a book. Like an open book.

  50. *

    I missed all this drama yesterday because I was at a gem show all day, snapping up a lot of crystal woo woo…

    I’ll say this for Acro: you always know where you stand with him. There is no artiface.

    He calls it like he sees it, and yes, I have been the brunt of his dismay (he was right, too).

    I don’t always get his humor, but I absolutely adore Father Domainicus, and will continue reading DomainGang, just because it often makes my day. I suspect there are a lot of closet DomainGang readers, but I’d rather come out and say that I like it and that I will continue to read it!

    I also like that he sometimes fools the regular media (despite the lack of the 100% banner). Goes to show that mainstream media are often lemmings who fail to fact check.

    His content is original, whereas many of the regular blogs simply parrot each other.

    That’s all I have to say on this matter.


  51. Of course, the trolling fans with no face or website (Steve, George etc.) emerge again 😀

    If you dare call me an asshole in my face, I will buy you a beer or two. Show up at TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale in October, I will be there; I am straight as an arrow. Otherwise, you’re just trolls hiding in Shane’s pants.

    George, I would never joke about sick people, ever. My ex wife was bipolar and I know what it’s like to live with one. I would not wish that to my worst enemy.

    Ms Domainer – I appreciate the kind comments. Hope to meet in a domainer conference at some point.

  52. I doubt many here are closet readers Ms.Domainer. If you like the content great. I am sure others like it too.

    I don’t think that this article was about that. Shane never said no one reads Domain Gang.

    Now Shane makes a great point, (And let me get this out of the way, I don’t know Shane, and have never pleasured a man as Acro made mention here of some sucking Shane off)

    But the point that is valid to me is that if Domain Gang gets a lot of traffic from Google then that traffic is not as valuable as traffic at least not to advertisers.

    If I am Appraisio or Dot Co or and someone came to a site I was advertising on and they are a 16 year old girl who clicked a Paris Hilton .xxx parody link in Google that has no value to me, if Grandma who thinks AOL is the Internet really believed Father Domainicus was giving a sermon again no value.

    I would never say any blog should go away, I understood why Francois did not include.

  53. As I told via email to Shane, I am not proud of my comment about “trolls sucking off Shane.”

    Therefore, I will apologize, all while maintaining my position on the subject of top headlines and Francois.

    Whether Shane likes it or not, when he steps onto DomainGang he turns me into a different type of beast.

    I am overly protective of my brainchild and I will continue to be. Whoever doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it.

    Deano, the problem with your logic is that I don’t write random stuff; everything is tied into domaining, domains, social media, the tech sector. I know what I’m doing, trust me, even if you don’t like what I do. Your argument holds even less water knowing that domainers don’t click on banner ads 😀 I am very familiar with my CTR on DomainGang as well.

    Summarizing: Shane is upset with me for using profanities. I already apologized. That’s how it ends.

    See you at TRAFFIC.

  54. “I would never joke about sick people, ever”… He wasn’t joking, you seem so drastically up/down in emotions that I also come to believe you have mental issues. I hope this thread is a reminder to everybody why dealing with you is dangerous, you just disrespect everyone…

    Oh, and btw, congratulations to your ex-wife for her excellent decision!

  55. “If one person tells you you’re a horse , they are crazy. If three people tell you you’re a horse, There’s conspiracy afoot. If ten people tell you you’re a horse,it’s time to buy a saddle”

    Acro, time to wake up and smell the cafe con leche..

  56. Acro not sure my logic is too off, a 16 year old who landed there because of google organic search on the Olympics is doing what with the .xxx extension ?

  57. Wow…. Name is Michael Hudak, that’s my real name 😉 This shit just got wayyy out of hand. Acro, fairly- your speech was a bit harsh and Shanes responses we’re more in line with how an adult should handle an argument or strong disagreement, in my opinion. I read both of your blogs. I know you’re both educated, well spoken guys normally, so this was intense.
    You guys should shake hands at TRAFFIC over a drink and give me back the 30 minutes I just lost reading this. It’s just unfortunate to see things come to this, I’m sure others would agree.


  58. Shaking hands would imo be nothing but a fraud, either you believe in what you say or your a passive-aggressive weasel.

  59. Seriously domain gang is marginally funny as is Shane but who cares. It’s like the radio station you don’t like. . . turn it off if you don’t like it. Regarding Francois, the dude changes with the wind. If you rely on him then therell be times your sails won’t be full.

    My 2c on blogging. It’s very hard to “self-edit” . When you’re the only one responsible for pushing that publish button, every joke seems funny.

    If they didn’t mix good news/education/informative content in with the humor, I think there might be a better site there.

  60. Acro

    Domain gang sucks. It was fun for a minute but that was over long ago.

    There is nothing worse than hypocracy. You chide annonymous posters and in the next breath state

    “What I chose to do and how I do it, whether I use my real name or a lame gangster pseudonym, is my choice.”

    Lol you are hilarious. Too bad it doesn’t come through in your work.

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