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This Weekend’s Picks for Domain Auctions and Drops

Ahh finally feeling normal again today.  The damn thing called life keeps getting in the way of my fun.  I had 3 tv shows to do this week and countless media things.  I have no idea how people do press junkets. It’s absolutely exhausting.  Add kids that play a million sports all over and you get a day that seems to never end.  I apologize for the weak posts but it was all I could do to get anything written. It’s great having Chris aboard.  We’re still looking for one more writer to add to the team to cover more domain news.  If you know anyone let us know.  Now here are some of the names I like that are at auction or dropping this weekend. Common term in for taking a break.  1997 Birthday.  Great movie domain So exicting. Will they used it for “close the door” or “so close but so far away” There are people that do this and I would think they would want to have this domain.  Then again I think that about a lot of companies and they don’t get it.  I even tried to give the dot com of a local business that was working off the dot FOR FREE ($100 my cost) and they said it would be too much trouble to switch. A geo but also a nice simple name with age. 1998 Domain This domain doesn’t predetermine your business so you could use it for anything.  I’m guessing the porn people snag it. Formally used by a 60 and over flag football team in Florida.  I actually made that up but sounds like it could be true  One of the better acronyms this week My kid already wants to go this site. Again, sounds like a site I would go to right now.  You could pull twitpics and make a whole site off it. Great kids site names Boooooooooo Boooooooooo Evidentaly social is an important word. As oppossed to wild fish.

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    Actually, the more common term is “Take 5.”

    I suppose, though, as our tolerance for work gets weaker, our desire for longer breaks becomes stronger.


    So maybe works.


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